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Hotels 50% rebate Limited offer!!! *valid till 20190831

By Chief Editor on 12 Mar 2019

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The 1 & only boutique hotels reservation site in JAPAN. We have launched a new promotion event. They only offer a 1 night of a 50% rebate on accommodation fee for the new members of LoveinnJapan and readers of JapanforTwo. 

You can get this offer by sending us an email simple details below before you book your room.

  1. your NAME
  2. the name of the hotel name
  3. the DATE that you like to stay


The first 100 entries/members will be winning a single night room charges with a 50%rebate voucher. Up to 100 entries, only 100 entries. First Come First Served!


This promotion will expire on August 2019, for the selected winner will entitle to have 50% room rates to be refunded. For those who never been to a boutique hotel in Japan, or interested in Japan couple hotel, love hotel may grab this opportunity to submit an entry only by sending in 1 email. Strongly recommend to foreigner couple, or girls bestie like to visit Japan together.

The promotion ended anytime when reached the limit!


You may not be familiar with Japanese couple hotels, from the accommodation fee, it’s interior, it’s hotel system are quite different from a general hotel. You may feel unfamiliar for the first time.
In fact, the couple of hotels in Japan are not limited to couples anymore. Most hotels have begun to open to single travelers, also the businessman on business trips. The reason why businessman starting to be a target because the check-in and check-out time is flexible compared to a common hotel. After check in at night, you may enjoy a glass before sleep or to order some room service to relax at the room without stepping the hotel. And one important point is most of the room rates are usually cheaper than a business hotel.


Enter now with <50% rebate STAY entry> details as below;
*Limited up to first 100 entries  (for non-Japanese only)
The promotion main purpose is to let more foreigners know unique Japan’s couple boutique hotel, for those lovers or best friend to experience the unique hotel.
To submit an entry kindly send EMAIL to >> info@loveinnjapan.com
With a title of <50% rebate STAY entry > (*limited to the first 100 entries )

Please refer to <Procedure> for more details.
Promotion due on 31 August 2019

Number of guests by a single entry (1 to 3 people per entries)


Please follow the steps below;
1. Register as a free member (https://loveinnjapan.com/)

2. Submit entry/ EMAIL us
send 1 email to us --> (info@loveinnjapan.com )
with the subject of "50% rebate STAY entry" and details below

  1. Full Name
  2. The hotel name with the city you wish to Reserve
  3. Total number of guests (below 3 people per group)
  4. Check-in date
  5. Nationalities

3. Our LoveinnJapan team will reply to you by email (from info@loveinnjapan.com )
Please wait for our email before booking. Email reply within 5 days after you sent your entry.

4. hotel reservation
You may book your room once received our confirmation email, please reserve with the LoveinnJapan site. *Please first pay the regular price.

5. 50% rebate settlement
After double checking your reservation, we will refund an amount of 50% of the 1st-night room charge to your credit card. ※ only applied to Credit card settlement.


[ submit your entry by an email]
due before 11:59 pm of 31 August 2019 ( as of Japan local time)
the selected member will receive a Confirmation Email from info@loveinnjapan.com


[ Reservation of stay]
you may reserve a room after received Confirmation Email from our admin
check-in date can be anytime within 6 months of your reservation date
For example; you reserve a hotel on 1st July 2019, check-in date will be anytime not later than 1st January 2020.
*if the hotel you wished is not available, contact us and we will check for you
*T&C applied


<Terms & Conditions>
• limited to foreigner over 18 years old who are not Japanese citizens.
• All winner are only entitled to use this reward once.
• before reserving a hotel, you are required to send us an email and the winner received our confirmation email only will deserve a 50% rebate for the 1st night. of the stay.
• Reservation of a member not entitled of the promotion has to bare 100% accommodation fees by himself or herself.
• the winner can be a single, couple or maximum 3 peoples in the same group.
• in the case of consecutive nights, only the 1st-night entitle for 50% rebate. 2nd night onwards will be charged a full price of the room rates.
• In case of cancellation, we may abandon the right and all benefits are excluded.
• the LoveinnJapan team reserved the right to add, modify the term without further notices


Chief Editor

Chief Editor

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