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Hotel Sulata Sapporo, a hotel beyond my expectation.

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As chance would have it, while I was planning my trip to Hokkaido, LoveinnJapan had a special 50% rebate promotion. Without hesitation, I grabbed this chance and booked a reservation at a luxury boutique hotel in Sapporo called Hotel Sulata. I had already heard a lot of good things about the hotels offered on LoveinnJapan, but the actual experience I had at this hotel still exceeds my expectations.

I stayed at Hotel Sulata Sapporo. The location is perfect – it is right in the center of Sapporo and is next to a metro station which is connected directly to the one at the airport. Walking towards the hotel, its overall look resembles a castle, but the dim light casting on the building makes it less ostentatious. As you walk into the hotel, you will hear music played briskly, and what’s more interesting is that they have an elderly-looking guy playing piano at the entrance (and you can hear the sound too!).

Check-in is very simple. Normally, hotel receptionists will give the guest an arrival form to fill in (simple personal details), just go to front desk and tell the staff you like to check in, and they will give you the key after check-in procedure completed! Additionally, there is no hassle for foreign tourists who do not speak Japanese – most of the receptionists are able to speak basic English; and even if there are difficulties in communication, they will connect you to an interpreter service to assist you.

After checking in, you can go to the Welcome service corner to enjoy some desserts. They have a variety of cakes, senbei, beverages, and ice creams, and you can pick some and take them to your room (but remember, cakes are limited to one piece per person). Through the elevator, I’m now on my way to my room, and this is the real beginning of my experience at this hotel. The many surprises in the room gave me a very satisfying and pleasant experience indeed.

This is probably the biggest room I ever stayed in. The bathroom is especially worth mentioning – it contains a huge bathtub as well as a private sauna room. Such luxury design really surprised me. The jet-bathtub in the room is the biggest among all the hotels I ever stayed at. As you know, a normal bathtub is usually shaped like a long rectangle, but this one is round and big enough to fit a few people in it. Before you have your bath, don’t forget to put in bath aroma salt; the fragrance will help to relax your body. While enjoying your bath, there is also a small TV in front of you which shows Japanese TV programs. But if you just want to relax, there is also an option of music; all you need to do is press the button. If you come as a couple, some bubble aroma bath can instantly create a romantic atmosphere for you. Adding to that, the jet massage mode will undoubtfully make your bath very relaxing and comfortable.

This room also features a sauna room, which is not something hotels would normally provide. After finishing your bath, go to have a sauna and let your body sweat; it will help you to have a better sleep. In the sauna room, there is a mini sand clock, which helps the guest to know how long they have been in the sauna room (the sand clock times for five minutes each round, which is the recommended time for sauna). Little touches like this really show the thoughtfulness and delicacy of the Japanese customer service. After the sauna, you can have a shower in the shower room. What’s interesting is that the shower room is also designed like the one you will usually see in a local Japanese onsen hotel, and the guest can sit on the little stool while taking the shower. After showering, you can now put on the Japanese-style bathrobe.

I felt hungry after a relaxing bath, so I ordered some food which is included in the hotel service. I think the soul of a hotel lies in its food; my impression of a hotel can be significantly improved if their food is good. This boutique hotel has a convenient system: the huge television in front of your bed is multi-functional, and if you want to order food, just place your order anytime from the tv. All the food on the menu looks delicious. I ordered a steak with foie gras; the names already made my mouth water. I started to imagine how this luxury dinner will be like. A few minutes after I ordered, the service staff rang the bell to tell me the meal is ready. The food is indeed exceptional: the steak was cooked just about right, and foie gras melt as it went into my mouth. I was secretly pleased that I was right to choose this hotel. Now that I had my dinner, I felt a little tired. I went to wash up and used a face pack which was also provided by the hotel. I had a nice and great sleep.


The hotel’s check-out procedure is also very humanistic. You can either go to the ground floor and ask a front desk staff to do it for you or use the self-checkout machine to do it all by yourself. The experience I had at this hotel is worth my five stars – the variety of its facilities, the delicious food, the very thoughtful designs – all that the hotel has to offer to make me think it is worth more than what I paid for. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who travels to Sapporo especially couples.

Check this out, Hotel Sulata Sapporo.




Derrick has live in Japan for nearly five years. He is an ideal person to ask where to eat and where to visit in Japan based on his experience. He always likes to go to some places where not many people will go, because he believes that only the place he can find and understand the essence of Japan culture. He is also obsessed with looking for amazing food in all over Japan, and definitely, he can get you the best food experience by following his lead.

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