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RAMSES Resort Hotel at Kamata, The Excellent Location near Haneda Airport.

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Not sure if anyone ever had the experience of saving money, using the budget airline to come to Japan for holiday. Budget airlines are normally red-eye flights, the time that you arrive and depart are odd timings. It can be early in the morning or late at night where public transport is not available yet, taking a taxi in Japan is extraordinarily expensive, for the sake for saving money, you would take the last train to the airport and wait for a few hours. At the airport, you would not dare to sleep as there are valuables with you. Even if you want to sleep, you would take turns with your partner. Sometimes when you are overly tired, you could oversleep and miss your flight. Now you not only feel uncomfortable, but you would also need to spend to buy a new air ticket. It can be torturous.

I believe most of you feel the same as me right? After all, in this costly japan holiday trip, the expenditure is not small. Do not feel troubled anymore! I will recommend a hotel called Ramses Resort located at Kamata. They not only welcome foreigners, couples, single travelers but also mixed gender room. In this case, if you are traveling with your good guy friend and a female friend, you all can book a room together to split the cost. They are different from love hotels and business hotels; they do not charge by per head but per room. For a room which is 24,000 Japanese yen per night, if you split the cost with your friend, you only have to pay 12,000 Japanese yen. It is definitely worth it. From Ramses Resort to Haneda airport, it takes only 25 minutes via Kamata train station. Taking a cab is also very convenient.

There a few bus routes that go to Haneda Airport;

You can take No. 30, No. 31, No. 40, No.41, and No. 95
Take note of the bus number; please do not get on the wrong bus.

Bus fare cost 280 Japanese yen one way

<Towards budget airline terminal bus>

JR Kamata stop East Exit [East No.0] 3:00 AM Depart => Haneda airport (International terminal) 3:38am Arrival

Bus fare cost 560 Japanese yen one way

Let’s talk about Ramses resort! Once you enter, you will smell the fragrant aroma which makes one feel relaxed. On the right hand, it is the receptionist counter. To protect customer’s privacy, they will process your check-in and check through a small window. On the left-hand side, there are some aromatherapy bath salts for you to choose from. There are toiletries prepared in the room, other than that you could choose the brand supply which you could use it at your convenience.

All the rooms Ramses Resort have blower bathtub, it is much better than a normal business hotel. When you have been touring from day to night, you need is an aroma bubble bath more than anything else. You would be able to gain back your energy for the next day. Ramses Resort also offers a room with electric massage chair and private sauna room which can be reserved. Those of you who like to enjoy a massage can consider this type of room, where you can use it countless times.

Did you think that was all? Of course, it is not, you can even watch the unlimited movie without extra charge, excluding Japanese Channels, Japanese Dramas, Anime, some western drama, lastly not forgetting adult video etc.

If you are too tired to get out of the hotel, you can consider room service, where they can help you order delivery that includes the famous Italian pizza nearby or the famous Taiwan restaurant nearby. After the food is delivered, they bring the food to your room. Such attentive service they have.

Also, I would like to recommend to all of you who are going to Japan on a holiday some good place to shop like Granduo, Tokyu Plaza Kamata, Muji, Don Quixote etc. It is a convenient place to shop and eat which is not far from the airport. Why not consider staying at Ramses Resort next time. You can save money on accommodation and spend it on something else.



Hotel information

Ramses Resort Kamata (nearby Haneda airport)
Deluxe room for 2 adults 24,000++   Massage chair, jet bathtub equipped in the room
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