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Mount Fuji, Green Tea and a quality stay in Hotel Mikazato.

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This time, let’s talk about hotels around Shizuoka Airport. Is there even an airport in Shizuoka? How come I didn’t know about it? What a shame! I only get to know recently that there is an airport in Shizuoka in fact that has been open for a long time!

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport is located between Shimada and Makinohara and was opened on June 4, 2009. The airport offers not only domestic flights but also international flights routes to countries and regions like Taiwan, South Korea, and China.

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport is located between Shimada and Makinohara and was opened on June 4, 2009. The airport offers not only domestic flights but also international flights routes to countries and regions like Taiwan, South Korea, and China.
You can take flights from the following cities from Shizuoka to these cities from here or the opposite

• Shanghai/PVG, Hangzhou, Wuhan(via PVG), Ningbo,
• Seoul/ICN
• and Taipei/TPE

Let gets back to the topic, let’s talk about Hotel Mikazato, which I’d like to recommend to you. The hotel is located in the city of Shimada and it is only a 10-minute drive to Shizuoka Airport. It would also be a convenience for you to depart from the hotel before leaving Shizuoka or Japan.

First of all, I personally believe that Hotel Mikazato’s facade color represents what Shizuoka is. Most of you may already know about Shizuoka’s because of its popular green tea and the color of green tea would naturally connect us by the green color associated with nature. Hotel Mikazato is painted green and white on the outside, offering a sense of simplicity and comfort.

Now I’d like to tell you about how special Mikazato is. It has more than just a regular style which is room in the buildings that like big cities have. Also, It has the other style of rooms designed in a way that connects the rooms and car park garages. Thus you are able to pick a specific room in the time of booking and receive an email attached with your orders and check-in procedures.
Simply speaking, you will get to know your room number and enter your room via the garage. You can pick up the internal telephone placed in front of your room door and contact the hotel staff for check-in. They will unlock the door upon confirming your identification. According to laws and regulations regarding hotels in Japan, they will need a copy of your passport and a filled-out Guest registration form that they will pick up shortly by going to your room.
This hotel is perfect for me because I’m not the type of being in crowded places. For those of you who also need a break from crowded downtown areas, this hotel would be a superb choice. Apart from that, the hotel is well-equipped with all kinds of facilities, such as spacious bathrooms, private jet bathtub, and unlimited video-on-demand watching services, including adults movie for some fan out there. A few rooms have karaoke system equipped in the room so strongly recommend you to request in advance during the booking process if you would like to go on a signing spree.

My personal favorite room is Room 106 because the floor is paved with sand-filled glass, which brings me much pleasure. You can watch unlimited VOD anytime as you wished. Ladies can enjoy self-styling with the hair iron and curlers in the room at any time. In addition, some extra free rental services are provided, and if you need other kinds of pillows, extra shampoos or some skincare products which is not placed in the room, you can simply place your order through the TV menu and the hotel staff will deliver them to you to your doorstep.
Moreover, there is various room service included food and beverages. You can order meals anytime you want after a long sightseeing day. The food and beverages prices are reasonably priced and it has Japanese cuisines, salad, western cuisines, wheaten food, spaghetti, and some snacks. The minimum charge ranges from 50 to 700 Japanese yen. As for beverages, there is alcohol and non-alcohol menu that are priced between 100  to 350 Japanese yen. Overall, it is reasonable and worth giving a try.

Last but not least, I summed up some of the routes for your information;
For friends who travel by plane and come from the airport. It only takes 10 minutes so it would be my first suggestion. For friends with low-budget, you can take buses which would be at least a 30-minute drive. But if you are not in hurry, a local city bus trip would be great to appreciate the scenery along the road while saving some transportation expenses.

Bus Routes:
Line 4 starting from Shizuoka Airport Bus Station to Shimada Station ( 25 minutes). Take JR Tokaido main line to Kanaya Station. Then take a taxi to Hotel Mikazato about 4 minutes.

Since you get to save money for accommodation, it would be a good idea to spend some budget for a taxi. For sure apart from Mt. Fuji you can visit plenty of sightseeing spots too. If you are planning a trip to Shizuoka in Japan, Hotel Mikazato would be one of the options in your list.


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