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An amazing experience with my Shizuoka trip, Coco Hotel Tiara.

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Here I am today in Coco Hotel Tiara, a love hotel in Shizuoka.

When I was browsing accommodation for Shizuoka trip. I found this luxury Suite room at their Loveinnjapan page. I was planning a trip to rewards myself with a relaxing pamper trip so I book it without doubting much. The price is slightly high for some of you perhaps for 2-floor suite-room like this, you definitely feel reasonable and worth paying this after seeing this article. After reservation, they send me a confirmation email. My room has designated to be room 213. The email also contains some important guide including the hotel details guide page with check-in method and etc.

I traveled from Tokyo to Shizuoka Station, since I was carrying a suitcase and the hotel was not far away, so I took the taxi directly. Because in the email they mentioned that I should go directly to my room for check-in. The staff at the hotel told me that there is also a bus that can go directly from Shizuoka station to here, just the bus stop nearby the highway so it may take a short walk to the hotel and it may be little confusing. But in Japan is very safe to walk so for the one who has a budget on transport may consider this method.

By bus;

Shizuoka Station > bus stop no.2> Shizutetsu just lines 27 Nakahara Ikegaya-line> Nakajima-Kami Community Hall,  and then walk for 7 minutes, only cost 190jpy per ride.


Before I arrived at the hotel, I was attracted by its soft pink building. It was not a strong pink, even I am not a fan of pink but it was just a lovely color. From the appearance alone, I can't tell it is a love hotel. Instead, I feel like it is similar to a theme hotel, which targeting young couples or party room between good friends. I don’t feel awkward at all. Currently, there are many love hotels still not accepts foreigner due to language and communication barrier. But Coco Hotel Tiara is exceptional. They welcome foreigner not only couples, male twin sharing and female twin sharing, and even they accept 3 people or more sharing room. Therefore, if you are traveling with besties or sisters and you can save a lot by sharing the room charges. With the cost savings, you can enjoy favorite food or shopping with your favorite things.

Coco Hotel Tiara also implemented a telephone interpreting system that can be connected to Chinese, English and Korean interpreters at any time. In addition, they also prepared a hotel important notes in the Chinese, English, and Korean so that you can stay at peace of mind.


To be honest, I have never been to a love hotel designed like this. It is like a love hotel in Taiwan. It comes with a parking space connecting to the hotel room. The advantage is that you have your car so close to you. For those who drives do not afraid even if there is a lot of luggage. If you want to leave your baggage on the car, you can always go to your car if you forget something. How convenient is it?
Although I didn't drive, I asked the taxi driver to drive directly to the front of room 213. I used the in-house phone in front of the room to call the staff that I arrived. For security purpose, they ask for my personal details to make sure I am the one who reserved and then unlock the door for me. According to the Hotel business law in Japan, they need to obtain a copy of passport from every foreign guest and must fill out a “Guest Registration Form” already placed on the table, which they will come over later.

Let me share about room 213. When I entered the bedroom, I saw the big bed and I can't wait to lie on that. There is a big TV facing the bed. I can watch TV until the second before I fall asleep. Why I can't find the bathroom? This suite room separate the bathroom and bedroom. I found a staircase leading upstairs. From the parking lot on the ground floor, the bedroom is on the 1st floor and the bathroom is on the 2nd floor. After I went up, I found the luxury bathroom with an indoor jet bath and an outdoor jet bath with a large TV. Both jet bathtubs are able to fits 2 people at the same time, or you may enjoy it alone separately since there is 2 in this room. Besides, they have a standing shower too. Not only that, there are 2 massage chairs next to the washbasin, there is also another TV here for those who like to watch TV while enjoying a massage.

In Coco hotel Tiara, there is a bath, skin care trial kit and face sheet mask is available free of charge, there are several brands of bathing toiletries series, from hair care, bath, face products,  including men and women are prepared separately. If you finished them and need more of that, you can also order them anytime from the tv menu and staff will deliver it to you.

I am a little greedy because I have an exhausted body and soul from works so I decided to enjoy both indoor and outdoor jet bath. I prefer to enjoy the aroma bath outdoor during this perfect autumn season with a fresh breeze at night. It’s super relaxing and comfortable when watching TV. Be careful not to fell asleep while taking bath outside to prevent catching a cold. While I am thinking that, I almost fell asleep during the bath, lucky I was awakened by the sound of the TV before I doze off. Since I have a stiff neck, can't help myself seeing the massage chair at the entrance of the bathroom after a bath. I jumped on to the massage chair immediately with the face sheet mask on, how amazing is this hotel amenities. The strength and spot can be adjusted by ourselves. Therefore, the strength is just nice and my muscle ache got relief. Can you believe, I am about to fall asleep again (Was I that tired?)

Moreover, for those who like Japan cosplay culture and want to experience the fun of cosplaying here, just place your order to rent the one you like. Try something different with another half can be mystery and fun. The period I visited was October and it is Halloween month. They also hang up a lot of Halloween decorations and seasonal Halloween costumes for rent.

Before I forget, there is another service I have to share to you is their room service, their menus range from Japanese rice, noodles, beef steak, Chinese, Italian pasta to desserts, some more to the alcohol beverages, Japanese sake, shochu, and soft drinks are offering a good price. Whenever you like to eat, you can just order them from the tablet or TV menu in your room. Coco Hotel Tiara provides either Japanese or Western breakfast for free, I ordered a Japanese-style breakfast with a tablet before going to bed. I can also set the time I want my breakfast to be sent. How sweet is this service? I can have my breakfast in my room as soon as I woke up. how Brilliant! how Fantastic!

The hotel manager showed me the other 2 type of room for my next visit, and he introduced me to a nearby must-try restaurant <Sawayaka> especially when he knows I am a foreigner and. This is a popular 100%beef hamburg steak restaurant. There are 31 branch restaurants in Shizuoka Prefecture, but only in Shizuoka Prefecture. You can't eat at anywhere outside of Shizuoka. Of course, I  already went to try immediately after check out on the next day. After you placed an order, they will send your hamburg steak and cut it in front of you with a sizzling hot plate. The gravy beef on a sizzling hot plate made me feel hyper-healing. It is a 100% beef made hamburg steak, it is so different from the average burger. He is simply a steak-grade beef burger. Never enough.

Last but not least, I must remind you all that this hotel is not a regular hotel, in fact, it is a place to be for sleep, food, bath, entertainment, and relaxation provided. It is much better than the tiny squeezy hotel room in the city.  At least I will give a priority to stay in this hotel again if I come to Shizuoka or Gotemba in the future. If you are still hesitating, then you will have a lot of looses. It is worth staying in Coco Hotel Tiara when you are visiting to Shizuoka or on your way of visiting Mt. Fuji, do not wait any longer, check it now.


Hotel information

Coco Hotel Tiara
available Room for 2 starting 14,040 per night Breakfast, welcome drink included...
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Bella's voyage

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