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Hotel Shonan Bay, a relaxing day to Enoshima.

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When Shonan is mentioned, I think of Enoshima in Kanagawa Prefecture, and when Enoshima is mentioned, I would also like to recommend to everyone a pretty good hotel nearby called “Hotel Shonan Bay.” Although the hotel does not have many rooms, they provide space and comfort. And it is just nice because they have a few rooms that do not be overcrowded. If you would like to avoid the busy city while on holiday in Tokyo, why not consider staying here and going sightseeing near Enoshima or even Kamakura? That can be a very good option.

When you enter the lobby of Hotel Shonan Bay, you will see many snacks, cup noodles and some basic daily necessary items displayed for sale in the lobby. This is because the hotel is incredibly considerate and would like to make things more convenient for their guests, so that they do not have to leave the hotel to go to a convenient store, and can just go to the hotel lobby to purchase some snacks, instant noodles, when you feel hungry and even some simple hygiene products at reasonable prices.


On your right at the corner upon entering, you will see a window at the front desk, with service staff always standby behind the window are ready to serve you on any inquiry and check-in procedures. At the lobby, there are 2 drinks vending machines, so you can purchase drinks anytime in the lobby. Not only that, various bath and shampoo products which are different from the rooms and aroma bath salts are also available at the lobby and can be freely selected to bring back to your room during your stay. All these are complementary and are simply provide for free by the hotel.

On the left-hand side of the entrance, you will see a few bicycles that are provided for guests to borrow for free. You can ride the bicycle to the nearby attractions. For example, it only takes about 30 minutes to reach one of the nearest attractions on Enoshima, and you do not have to pay any additional fees at all.


Today, I will introduce to everyone deluxe room and suite room. Of course, the size of the rooms, the types of facilities in each room are a little different, for example, the size of the bathroom, jet bathtub, western outdoor bathtub, Japanese-style outdoor bath, and so on. The prices of this hotel also cheaper than those of a standard city hotel in Tokyo, and comes with a large and comfortable bed and a spacious bathroom, this space will definitely not a problem because all their rooms are more spacious than rooms in Tokyo.

This hotel has three rooms that have Japanese-style outdoor baths, and also quite a few Western-style outdoor baths. Personally, I really recommend going to nearby places to sightsee, and after playing in the water by the sea for a while, coming back to enjoy and relax in the outdoor bath. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Furthermore, I heard from the person-in-charge at the hotel, there is a popular ramen restaurant, that is just a five-minute walk from the hotel. Other than this, you can see Mt.Fuji from the beach if the weather is Sunny and bright, just from the beach nearby. Don't forget to prepare your camera.


If you are planning to come to Tokyo, Enoshima, and Hotel Shonan Bay, you have to stay at this “Hotel Shonan Bay.” Not only can help you to save some accommodation expenses, but you can also see the modestly traditional and unique Japanese charm like the old days and the laid-back atmosphere of Enoshima, which can rarely be seen in other cities in Japan. I really recommend everyone to head there to sightsee and have a nice stroll.



Hotel information

Hotel Shonan Bay
Suite Room 1 night 16,800 JPY ~
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