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Hotel Noah Resorts, take a walk to the Shonan beach.

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Have you heard of a place called Shonan Fujisawa? How about Enoshima? These places are the setting of the anime and manga series “Slam Dunk.” If like me you've watched this anime or ever read this manga before, then you should have an idea of where I'm talking about immediately. I still remember this was the first anime or manga series that I'd ever watched. So why am I bringing up this series and this place? Actually, there’s a hotel called Hotel Noah Resort there that we really want to recommend to everyone.

Most people might think that love hotels are a bit inconvenient, weird place or a bit more expensive, and are only targeting couples visitor. Actually, not all love hotels are like this. Noah Resort which I'm talking about today isn’t only targeting couples. They also accept single traveler, room sharing by a 2-3 female, so even you are alone or visit Japan with sisters trip can easily book the type of room you want from the LoveinnJapan website. You can also plan a trip together with your friends and save the cost of your accommodation by sharing room charges. That way you can help each other save a certain amount on the travel costs. With the money, you save you can treat yourselves to a little luxury and tasty meal. Noah Resort is situated in Shonan Fujisawa, Enoshima, which you’ve certainly heard of before. You could say that nowadays this is one of the popular sightseeing spots for tourists outside of Tokyo.

Let’s get back to the topic, Noah Resort is a hotel that’s extremely worth trying out. In every aspect, they are very considerate and caring towards their guests. Of course, this includes their foreign guests as well. Apart from the Japanese staff, they also have English-speaking staff available. Even if you can’t speak Japanese, they’ll still be able to provide you with the enjoyment you hope for during your stay. They've also prepared a guidebook of important hotel information in Chinese, English, and Korean. These can be given out to tourists who need them when they check in.


First-time guests might think the lobby here is a bit strange. There's a small window at the front desk, a decorative fish tank next to it, and the lights are a bit dim as well. You don’t have to worry and do not feel awkward, as most of the love hotels in Japan are designed this way. This kind of design is mainly so as to respect and protect the privacy of the guests because most Japanese people aren’t used to having their private matters open to the public. Although it looks like there is only a small window, the staff are actually on duty at the back office. If you notify them when you arrived, they’ll be there to serve you. So there’s certainly nothing out of the ordinary going on, not to worry!

On the other side of the hall are all kinds of hair and bath amenities, and further in there's a self-service drinks bar. There are also 4-5 bicycles that available for rental to the guest. Most importantly, all the services listed above are free of charges so there are no additional fees. Just a reminder, since the Hotel has a limited number of bicycle available. If you're interested in this, I suggest you request it as soon as you arrived, that way you won’t be missing out...

I was personally drawn to their bikes and their varieties of hair and bath amenities. The person in charge of the hotel told me that that the beach wasn't far at all, and you could get there on foot or by bicycle in about 5 minutes. Excellent! The journey by car from the hotel to Enoshima is only about 5 minutes too. If you like to exercise or enjoy cycling, then going straight to Enoshima isn’t a bad choice either. I personally would definitely look forward to this.


10 out of Noah Resort’s 21 rooms come with an ocean view. You can see the ocean straight from your room. Although there’s a big road separating the hotel from the beach, you can go there on foot or by bike. Jogging or taking a walk along the beach is a great way to spend your holiday too, isn’t it?

The sizes of their rooms may not be very big, but the rooms and bathrooms are very well-decorated. Let’s talk a bit about the facilities in the rooms. They have plenty of good facility from a bathtub, wide-screen TV to microwaves, hair curlers, and more. You can also watch unlimited video on demand anytime you wish out of 24 hours. Depending on the type of room, like the deluxe room, also have a jet bathtub, massage chairs or hot stone sauna they called ‘Ganbanyoku’ which very popular among Japanese ladies. In-house guests can request to use the beauty electronic like face steamer and more without extra charges. All you have to do is request them in advance. I personally think it’s a great choice.



Their hotel also provides 24-hour room services. Whenever you feel like something to eat you can order food and the staff will deliver them straight to your door without going outside. From Japanese foods, Ramen, and rice to the Western-food such as pizza and spaghetti, the food available is a feast for the eyes. Importantly, the food is not much different with a regular restaurant out there and the price is quite reasonable.

If you like the ocean as much as me, then that could be a reason that not to miss out from this place. Since Noah Resort has a lot of sightseeing spots nearby, you can make use of the money you’ve saved on accommodation and go and take a look. Isn’t that hitting two birds with one stone? If you plan to go traveling around this area and you don’t need to do a return trip from Tokyo which can be tiring and wasting time, surely it’s more meaningful to plan your trip accordingly and see a few more of the sights, right?


Hotel information

Hotel NOAH Resort
Breakfast included, Check-in time 22:00 Price from 11,890 ++
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Chief Editor

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