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Hotel the Hotel in Shinjuku, compact and cozy.

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‘Shinjuku’ also called a sleepless town, there is a modern love hotel named Hotel the Hotel looks not much different from a normal hotel. It is because this hotel is operating as a common hotel. They welcome foreigner tourist from single traveler, male and female twin share trip. Since the room rate charge per room basis, you may also take this advantage to save your accommodation expense. Advanced booking is strongly recommended not only because this area in Shinjuku is a popular location, but also due to the room number is limited, without booking you may not able to check in while you simply walk-in.

Once entry you will see a big square aquarium right in the middle, a mini self-serviced welcome drink bar on the left-hand-side, you will see a front counter on your right side, you may feel weird because you can’t see anyone and you only see a little window where you can see someone is behind greeting you. Do not feel suspicious or awkward, this is common in a Japan love hotel because the purpose is to protect the guest’s privacy. In Japan, private life may be a sensitive issue to talk about, most people are not comfortable to share their own privacy and needed to be respected.
You can easily tell the staff you are here to check in if you have already booked a room in loveinnjapan.com. In a love hotel, a quick and easy check-in is a big advantage for the tourist because of its help you to save time, instance hassle free and reduce language barrier’s pressure. In this hotel, there is English speaking and Chinese speaking staff on standby too at the back office, don’t worry even you don't speak any Japanese at all. Also, they have prepared important information in English/Chinese and simple manual to guide during your stay.
Hotel the hotel and the Hotel Atlas (next door) is hotel belongs to the same group. Therefore their operation, way of use, services, and terms also very similar. Same as Hotel Atlas, there is rental shampoo in the lobby right next to the front desk and the elevator connecting to the guest room. Feel free to help yourself if you are keen to try any Japanese brand shampoo you like.
The interior design‘s concept is a bit different, as Hotel Atlas may be more luxury by their concept, and hotel the hotel will be more to funky and playful as they are targeting youngster and ladies especially. You can easily tell from the decoration and wallpaper.

Their price range is lower compared to Hotel Atlas, therefore, the room sizes may be smaller in here, kind of compact and cozy style. Although the room in here is not that big, I think is enough for 2 people. If you are traveling alone, you can enjoy this cozy and spacious room all by yourself.
All individual rooms in here are design with different decoration, concept, and colors. Even all the room here have their own name such as ‘Bianco’, ‘Cocoon’, ‘Bench’, ‘Gold’, ‘Egg Benedict Cumberbatch’, ‘Daryl Hole?’ , ‘MASERACI’, ‘bed to bed’ and etc. A total of 22 rooms only give you a calm and quiet environment in the busiest Shinjuku and Tokyo. Since the hotel does not have too many rooms, you won’t feel stress from any crowd.
The room that I have visited today is Bohemian Rhapsody! A room has bright paint with all orange and another room call Bed!
One more service that you do not want to miss is a free rental of the premium beauty electronics items included foot spa, face mist steamer, eye relaxing roller and many more which is available on request basis. You can call or inform the hotel staff anytime to ask about the electronic item you want to try. As there is a limited quantity of those items, I advise you to put a request as soon as you arrive to avoid out of stock.

For those who are fans of animation or cosplay lover, may refer to their simple cosplay costume for sale with an affordable price and no harm to give yourself a try, of course after cosplay-ing you can also bring this back as a souvenir. Why not? Other than this, there is some alcohol, soft drink, and light food available to serve as room service. If you think this is not enough, in Shinjuku itself you can find a variety of cuisine from the world within a few minutes walk.

Also, there is unlimited VOD watching anytime you wish in your own room, their VOD menu also available in English, therefore, you don't have to worry even you don't read Japanese. Besides the International film, Japanese movie as well as adults video. You may watch all of them without any extra charge.
For a party lover, you are in the right place as you may hear about Kabukicho, the nightclub, pub, Izakaya and etc open all night long. That is the reason they call Shinjuku a sleepless town. Shinjuku is not only a good place to party, enjoy gourmet, as well as shopping.

Do not hesitate and doubt anymore, I hope this article able to guide you, kindly consider Hotel the hotel and the Hotel Atlas for your coming trip to Tokyo, Japan. About 5-minutes walk from one of the major stations in Shinjuku, no regret if you give yourself a try, book yourself a room and stay in to enjoy this experience while you are visiting Shinjuku soon. They are waiting to welcome you anytime.


Hotel information

Standard Room > Price for 2 adults starting 12,900 JPY... Various shampoo options, Welcome drinks, Premium amenities, Beauty appliances and many more...  
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