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Hotel ATLAS, Kabukicho Shinjuku.

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As I visited plenty of love hotel in Japan before, for me Hotel Atlas doesn't really make me felt I am going to a Love hotel. The hotel façade itself not much different from another city hotel. Bright and modern entrance, I walked into the lobby easily without feeling embarrassed and awkwardness. For the first-timer, you may feel a little weird because you will see the front desk has a small window with staff sitting behind. This is very common in a love hotel Japan as some couples may prefer to have a full privacy without noticing anybody that they are checking-in as they do not want to. Japanese people are very sensitive and close with own privacy and they do not like to expose much about their private life.

At the lobby, you will see a front desk right next to a self-serviced welcome drink bar and various shampoos extra options for the guest who wish to try others Japanese brand of bath amenities. This is good for who like to try any new brand that never uses before and after trying it you can buy it before you leave in Japan. In Japan’s love hotel, they call that Rental shampoo, it is because they let you use inside the hotel during your stay in rental basis, is free of charge, but you are not allowed to bring it out. Those shampoo and premium amenities are provided with requested basis, do not hesitate to ask the staff when you like to use. Although is free, better you requested it while you see it to avoid your preference brand out of stock.

Hotel Atlas is in the best location which is Shinjuku right next to Hotel the Hotel which is owned by the same group, easy access from Airport, to other popular spots in Tokyo or Kanto, also Shinjuku is available with JR Yamanote line that a railway loop line in the center of Tokyo connecting major stations and urban centers such as Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Ueno and etc. You can easily move around whole Tokyo even Kanto even you stay in Shinjuku. Hotel Atlas located at the Kabukicho (also called as ‘sleepless town’) full with a nightclub, a bar which is just 5-minutes away from Shinjuku station by walk.
Besides, Hotel Atlas also welcome foreigner, other than a couple, they also welcome single traveler, men or women couple, means if you like to stay in with your best friend, brothers, sisters or friends, you are free to do so. Hotel Atlas’s room rate per room for two, which is different from other city hotel or business hotel charge per person. In this case, if you are sharing a room with your friend, it would be cheaper and more affordable, with the similar price you are paying, you are able to get a wider room, bigger bed, and premium bath amenities and various options which is quite different to a common hotel.

Hotel Atlas is really courtesy to welcome foreigner as they have English speaking staff as well as Chinese speaking staff which is able to assist you even you don’t speak Japanese. In order to help you to enjoy your stay, they also prepared an information sheet in English to guide you during your stay.
Their hotel has quick & easy check-in system, it is because you have settled your room charges while you booked on loveinnjapan.com, unless you purchased any extra item otherwise you don’t have to pay anything extra during check out.

Talk about the hotel room, they have a karaoke system in every single room, not only you can sing Japanese song but also English, Chinese, and some Korean song too. You can sing anytime you want during your stay as you wished. Other than this, they also implement artificial spring water in every room from the water tap, bath, and shower in all rooms. This artificial spring water with variety mineral not only helps to boosts Blood Circulation also reduces pain and others benefit.

For ladies, you will be excited to hear this, they provided beauty electronic rental without any charges as long as you request and the stock is available included face mist steamer, face massage roller, foot spa and many more. As this kind of premium beauty electronic are most wanted and popular items, some more this is a free service. I advise you to check it in advance or better to ask them during check-in, at least they can put a remark and hold it when they have it back. Also, you may enjoy the bath with aroma bath salt not only for relaxing, of course, it works better with the artificial hot spring water, for your health and skin too.

I think I do not have to explain more, Hotel Atlas is definitely a hotel that you do not want to miss, a mid-range luxury hotel with a super affordable rate with all premium amenities and complimentary services. You will not regret, stay here and see by yourself, feel it, experience it. You will change your mind and find more interesting to stay in a love hotel during your coming trip to Japan from now onwards.


Hotel information

Hotel Atlas
Standard Room for 2 14,400 JPY+
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