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Hotel Two Way, after PARTY in Shibuya

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I was thinking to party out for my men birthday, but if we want to party we won’t be able to catch the last train if I want to party, therefore an idea pop up on my head about finding a budget hotel near Shibuya.
Ok, the fact is I might have to give up since most hotels cost me more than 15k per night. Unless we find an internet café or we have to party until the next morning. No way, we are not that young to party like that anymore. Welcome to 30’s life.

Then I remember LoveinnJapan may help me on this since his birthday falls on Thursday, I may be able to find a room in a love hotel. Also, a good timing to give him a surprise. Yeah, we have never been to any love hotel before. That makes us feel exciting.
After checking through LoveinnJapan for a hotel, I can’t believe myself that I found an interesting hotel named Two Way and it is in Shibuya, near the Mark city and easy to find. I can’t believe there is a room with our own jet bathtub at price of 9,800 for 2 of us and it is extremely easy and hassle free to book from LoveinnJapan.

After checking in, I have some chat with the staff since he spoke pretty good basic English, super friendly and funny. They are kind of rare that able to welcome a male couple or 3 people in a room. How flexible this is, I must share this with my friend who always travels with their besties 3 ladies, or sometimes my cousin traveling with his buddy. There is various shampoo in the lobby are free to choose if you like to try them during your stay. As we all know Japanese shampoos like brand Sh...do or K.. are super good. How sweet they are.

Oh yes, back to the topic, our standard room wasn't that small and their bed is huge compared to another business hotel in Tokyo which may cost me more than this. Since we arrived a little late, they were so kind to offer us a little tour in another rank which is Superior room to see whether we would like an upgrade. (This is because when we arrive they are not too busy and higher grade was available)

The superior room we visited was 305 if I am not mistaken. This room has a build in karaoke system and it’s free to use for guest staying here. The room is bigger compared to our standard room so it’s cost a little more. After thinking about the fact, since we are only sleeping for a night and he is not really a fan of karaoke, we chose the reasonable Standard room this time.
The room we were staying in 303. Actually not very different from another one. In term of size, is smaller but is good enough for the 2 of us. It is already bigger than a common hotel in Tokyo. I think what he enjoyed the most from this experience, was the cozy jet bath before sleep, so did I. They already have bath amenities for us with some aroma relaxing bath salt, how cool you can enjoy a jet bath like this before going to bed after a late night out.

From the staff in the hotel, I got told about a party room here comes with karaoke; they also have 2 beds room in it. So you can party with a group of people, singing karaoke, drink, and dance until you feel tired and fall asleep on the beds right next to you. For karaoke big fan like me already thinking to plan my coming birthday party and invite my best friends to enjoy the party together all night long.

Also, there is a club near here very popular not only among the local as well as the tourist. From there you are able to walk back if you are like us party late or miss the last train and looking for a good place to stay for a night. For the one who likes the Japanese food, whatever you like to taste, from sushi, ramen, yakiniku, shabu-shabu, sashimi and many more. It’s all walking distance, you have the almost unlimited choice, feel free to shop, eat, drink till you drop. If you are too lazy to walk, there is also room service in Two Way. You can order and have your meal inside your room without walking around if you do not want to. Be like a king or queen lets them serve you and bring to your room.

Since not many hotels nearby this area, I seriously feel bad if I don’t share this with you all. This Hotel definitely worth to give it a try in fact kind of sad if you do not if you come by this area. Hotel Two Way that welcomes the foreigner and offered a reasonable price at this tip-top location is a super bonus and I will definitely recommend. If you do not believe what I said, go ahead and see it by yourself.



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Hotel Two Way
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  • Standard room for 2 adults starting from 9,800++
  • Superior room for 2 adults starting from 13,800++
  • Superior room with Karaoke for 2 adults from 13,800++
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