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Simple steps reserve guidelines

By Chief Editor on 4 Jul 2018

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To reserve a hotel on Loveinn Japan, is pretty simple, only a few steps to do.


First, input the destination, city and most important is DATE you like to visit. You may also click on a particular area that you are visiting, just remember to input the date you like to stay, in this case, available hotel on your selected date will automatically be filtered. You can save a lot of time to search 1 by 1, over and over again.


Hotel and room rates will pop-up. Click at more details on the hotel you are keen.

Room rates with different promotion for you to select, for instance, Deluxe room, Superior room come with different rate…

At this moment, you have to register a few simple details as Loveinn japan member in order to reserve a room.

Email address, password, Name, and Country of residence, only 4 personal details needed.

Then, you will see your Reservation details, double check the date, and your personal information, your Reservation details are all correct, please proceed with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB and diners, pre-payment. You may cancel depends on cancellation policy, which can be as last minute as the day before check-in varies by hotel.


In the case of full refund promotion, you are entitled to have 100% full refund till the day before you check in. So, do not worry if your plan changing last minute, just do not forget to read the cancellation policy since they vary depends on promotion or special room rates.



That's all, is actually simple. If you still have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.



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Chief Editor

Chief Editor

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