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Deals! Hotel without cancellation fee!!!

By Chief Editor on 26 Jun 2018

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Have you ever feel that your advanced booking for your trip to oversea isn't sure when you feel you might change your plan last minute due to work schedule. You might face some circumstances that you will be forced to cancel your trip last minute for instance.

Yes, I do, I can understand that when you have to pay and settle your booking beforehand even you are not sure with your trip itinerary yet, fair enough, nobody wants to waste their money even it is very budget hotel or not a big money. If you can book a place with free cancellation, its tempting isn't it? Of course, there is many OTA now provided free cancellation with T&C provided, we too, but our hotels are not a common hotel, in fact, they are the Japan love hotel. The only Japan Love hotel reservation site available for foreigner and tourist. In order to welcome foreigner tourist to love hotel stay experience in Japan, we offer free cancellation with full refund depends on promotion which up to the day before arrival.

Most of our hotel accepts free cancellation unless they are great deals or promotional rate might be different. Other than 1 day before arrival, there are 2 to 7 days before arrival comes with full refund too if they are not up to 1day, at least 2 days, sounds good right?

Checks out the 10 hotels below of new promotion with free cancellation up to the day before, limited room available. Book now before they run out or raise their room rates.

Stay in love hotel is not only fun, entertained, also save budget on your holiday.


  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/6100193/

Hyper-Noah, Osaka, from 4500 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/6100114/

Hotel Chapel Classic Nara, from 5990 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/610536/

Little Chapel Christmas Sakuranomiya, Osaka, from 6990 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/540788/

Iwatsuki Water Hotel Mw, Saitama,  from 7,020 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/610798/

Little Chapel Christmas Umeda, Osaka, from 8,630 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/610235/

Chapel Sweet Kobe, from 8,990 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/610790/

Hotel Little Chapel Christmas Wakayama, from 8,990 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/540075/

TWO-WAY, Tokyo, from 9,800 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/780426/

La Michelle Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima, from 11,000 jpy

  1. https://loveinnjapan.com/hotel/540514/

HOTEL NOAH RESORT, Kanagawa, from 11,890 jpy



Chief Editor

Chief Editor

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