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*Autumn Must see* 4 BEST private outdoor bath moment!

By Chief Editor on 21 Mar 2019

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What to do on an Autumn Holiday in Japan? How about hot spring bath?

Recommended the best hotels with Outdoor bath, Japanese says


Generally, most of the love hotel in Japan is provided jet bathtub in the guest room, these hotels also have an option of a private outdoor bath for best relaxation and spa mood during your stay.

A common business hotel in Japan usually does not include jet bath unless you go for Deluxe or Suite room with a higher price. But, if you are staying in a love hotel in Japan, the love hotel is equipped with a jet bath in each room, the only small number of the hotel still does not have.

Today, we picked up some hotel with an outdoor, open-air bath in their hotel. This type of room does not have plenty in 1 hotel if you are keen to stay in a room like this, better reserve it in advance as earlier as you could plan.


Hotel Lotus Oriental, Kyoto

room for 2 from 35,900...



Hotel Coco Tiara, Shizuoka

room for 2 from 17,280...



Ramses resorts, Tokyo

room for 2 from 24,000jpy...



Hotel Ruan, Yokohama

room for 2 from 11,000...


Enjoy a relaxing jet bath with your loved one now when you visiting Japan soon. Pay a similar price or slightly higher to get double benefits or great deals to ensure your comfortable stay in Japan.


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Chief Editor

Chief Editor

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