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Stay love hotel with a smart way

By Chief Editor on 7 Jun 2018

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When you planned to travel to Japan, did you ever think that the hotels in Tokyo and Osaka are too expensive? And the room is too small can't even fully open your suitcase.

In Japan, Hotel rates will become more expensive especially on national holidays period such as golden week holiday (summer vacation or winter vacation in the school). In addition, because the number of tourists visiting Japan in recent days has increased, that caused higher room rates for the hotel.

Hotel LOHAS Kinshicho, Tokyo

Standard room for 2 starting 9,800 JPY


Hereby, we would like to recommend to you a late check-in plan. Let me talk about how is this program saves you a lot of money for your accommodation.

  1. How Japan's love hotel charges

In Japan's love hotel, there is 2 major kind of charges such as "rest" which is based on the hourly or 2-3 hours slot or stay overnight called ‘Stay’ until the next morning. In most cases, the check-in time for accommodation is between 20:00 and 24:00, depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend. If you like to check in earlier than the actual check-in time, you will need to pay an additional amount of “rest” as an extra charge similar to late check out/ early check-in.

  1. Budget or promotion rates with late check-in

If you like to go for sightseeing or shopping first and checking in the hotel later. "The late check-in promotion"(20:00 ~ 24:00) that we mentioned above is advantageous for you. In other words, if you can use the love hotel like other Japanese people, you can use it advantageously. One little tip, please remember to always re-confirm the check-in time before booking the hotel as varies condition come to a different hotel.


Hotel LOVE ikutama, Osaka

Superior room for 2 starting 6,000 JPY


  1. The continuous overnight stay option is more expensive. . .

In the case of continuous overnight stays, you need to leave your personal belongings and luggage in the room, so the hotel cannot use it for other walked in as a 'rest' basis charges during the day and therefore they forced to set the room rate higher in order to provide you a whole day or 2. We recommended that you may use a few different hotels on a different night for a different experience as they are unique with interior and use the luggage storage service provided by the hotel.


  1. If you are looking for a single-night stay promotion or late check-in promotion, you can book it through LoveinnJapan.com. A Japan's love hotel site which is safe and easy to use and book a room for your very first or 2nd, 3rd stay without any service charge and membership fee.


La Siesta, Kyoto

Standard room for 2 starting 8,880JPY


In general, other hotel booking sites may available on a continuous night stay for love hotel and available to check-in at 15:00. No point if you are arriving around evening or even later time at night for a higher room rate. In LoveinnJapan, some late check-in deals are sold at a lower rate in order to provide foreigners with a unique experience in love hotel Japan.

What are you waiting for? If you thinking to squeeze on a bunk bed space or capsule tiny space, why not using a small budget to get a bigger wider space with a private room for yourself and your lover.

Let learn about how to stay the love hotel wisely and enjoy the Japanese trip more cost-effectively.


Chief Editor

Chief Editor

LoveinnJapan is the only website about love hotels exclusively for foreigners and the only place where you can learn about the culture of love hotels and how to use them properly. Don’t forget to check our Feature stories to read articles and blog entries covering love hotels and related topics.

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