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Hotel California Kaminarimon, only a min from Sensoji Asakusa.

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A tour of Japan must include a pilgrimage to the Kaminarimon and Sensoji Temple located at Asakusa. The hotel is simple and clean with a complete set of facilities. The geographic location is excellent to the point of perfection. As soon as a traveler wakes up, it only takes him or her one minute to reach the tourist attraction. What can be more important than convenience in a journey?

Through a chance introduction, I have stayed in a hotel called California Kaminarimon. Being able to stay here for one night made me feel very excited and interesting. It's an adult-only hotel. There is no need to say how suitable it is for a couple to stay in. But the delightful thing is that it is also very suitable for a single traveler.

The direction signs that you see when you exit the elevator are very beautiful and add to the romantic atmosphere. After walking through the doors, you can see an Automated payment machine. You can pay and check out directly in the room without having to deal with anyone. If you are a traveler who is fond of being alone, it is also very suitable for you. The space of the room is bigger than the common business hotel. Two people can stay here very comfortably. It feels even more spacious for one person to stay in. Plus, the price is very reasonable, which makes this kind of love hotel/boutique hotel a better choice than a business hotel. Standing at the entrance, you can vaguely see the layout of the room. The style is warm, the light is bright, and its advantages are clear. As soon as you enter, you can hear soft music playing. I felt completely relaxed and immediately wanted to crawl into bed. Whether it is the bathing amenities (there are in the baskets under the sink) or the audio and video equipment, the room is equipped with everything you need. Everything you can possibly need is here. Nothing has been overlooked and no corner has been cut.

Next, let's talk about the most important feature: the bed. The mattress is very clean and soft, the quilt is also very warm, and it is very comfortable to sleep in. Shortly after entering the room, I started lying on the bed. It's so comfortable that I didn’t want to get off. After that, I just fell asleep without even realizing it.

Because the color tones, wallpapers and everything in the room is all very well arranged, the room does not appear to be too empty or too cold. The wallpaper is very beautiful and the colors are very warm. If a couple comes to stay here, it would be a most romantic atmosphere. However, as I had to sleep alone, the atmosphere of this environment just made me feel very relaxed and gave me a very good night sleep. There is no uneasy feeling about sleeping alone, and I think this is also quite worthy of praise. Because I slept too well when I woke up the next day I still felt a bit lazy. I didn't want to hurry to leave the hotel at all. As a result, when my friends who had made an appointment with me came to the front of the hotel, I still wasn't ready to go out. In the end, I had to be dragged out by my friend. My friend even took a picture of me scrolling inside my blanket. The room was really comfortable and made people reluctant to leave. Finally, I delayed until the actual time of check out before departing and making our way slowly to Kaminarimon.

I have never stayed in a love hotel like California Kaminarimon by myself before and it was unexpectedly relaxing. The environment is simple and clean, the bath and toilet are clean and dry. Plus, it has the advantages of being well-equipped, brightly lit, warmly atmospheric, with a soft and comfortable mattress, etc. These things are very important to me. They all add up to the highest expectations of what a traveler needs for an overnight accommodation. What more can I ask for?

Because this hotel has fully met all the above priorities, the next time I have the opportunity to come to the area, whether I come alone or with another person, I will definitely choose to stay here in California Kaminarimon again.


Visited on March, 2018

Hotel address; Kaminarimon 2-13-9, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Location map


Hotel information

Hotel California Kaminarimon
Standard room for 2: from 16,300 JPY check in from 13:00 check out at 12:00


Short-term study students from Taiwan Obviously is the age of the little mature but she felted herself still young.

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