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By Derrick on 15 May 2018

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“La la la, Astro Boy, with 10,000 horsepower and the might of 7 great gods, he’s the selfless and fearless Astro Boy” At Takadanobaba Station, you can hear this familiar Astro Boy theme song. That’s right, this is Japan. Japan always lets you know it’s the Holy Land of anime.


The strength of a country can be seen in the output of its soft culture. As Asia’s most developed country, Japan seems to have already done that. No matter what country around the world you go to, you will learn of the love for anime that children, teens, and even adults have. Most people have plenty of memories seeing anime in their childhood. People born in the 80’s liked Slam Dunk and Sailor Moon. People born in the 90s grew up with anime like Pokémon, Digimon, and Conan.


Even though anime has become a global phenomenon, we should still talk about its place of origin, Japan. It is said that anime was invented in the 20th century. The most preeminent anime figure of the late 1960s was Tezuka Osamu, who began a new form of entertainment that spread around Japan and the rest of the world. On January 1, 1963, Japan’s first commercial TV broadcast anime series “Astro Boy” unexpectedly reached never before seen ratings of over 30% and then gradually became exported to other countries.


The influence of anime culture on Japan is profound and far-reaching. It has even spawned a subculture called “otaku”, which includes role-playing, computer gaming, and Cosplay. These hobbies are enjoyed by large numbers of enthusiasts both in Japan and abroad. If you come to vacation in Japan, you will see traces of anime everywhere you look in this anime paradise. Many Japanese landmarks are anime character models or anime-themed amusement parks. For example, in Tokyo’s Odaiba, you can see a huge Gundam model. Children of all ages must make a pilgrimage to this anime Holy Land. Especially when night falls, if you are lucky enough, you will be able to see the giant Gundam model turn its head and shoot a bright beam from its eyes. Another place every anime fan should go to when they come to Japan is the famous Akihabara, where you can satisfy all of your anime daydreams. Akihabara is located in the center of Tokyo. Here you will be surprised to find that everything more or less has something to do with anime, from the maid-type customer service at maid café’s too large scale shops all around selling anime. All of these shops will make you linger in your childhood


If you are like me and liked watching Pokémon since you were a kid, you know that when Pokémon Go was released I was clutching my cell phone looking for all kinds of Pokémon in every corner of the city. Then, I would like to recommend to you bewitching anime venue. This is where you can find the official Pokémon store in Ikeburo. Here you can buy a variety of Pokémon products, including video games, trading cards, and other Pokémon related items. Besides being a place to socialize with other gamers, the store has set up a learning center for Pokémon trading cards. Furthermore, from time to time the store holds activities that allow more Pokémon fans to attend.


Of course, this introduction on the place of anime is rather limited. If you have a great passion for anime, then do not hesitate. Buy a plane ticket to Tokyo. This rich anime world is waiting for you to come discover and explore.


Hotel C-Heaven

Negishi 2-10-20, Taito-ku, Tokyo


Access info:nearby Akihabara, only 6 mins ride from Uguisudani station via JR Keihin Tohoku line





Derrick has live in Japan for nearly five years. He is an ideal person to ask where to eat and where to visit in Japan based on his experience. He always likes to go to some places where not many people will go, because he believes that only the place he can find and understand the essence of Japan culture. He is also obsessed with looking for amazing food in all over Japan, and definitely, he can get you the best food experience by following his lead.

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