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Impressive trip to Osaka ‘LUNA sakuranomiya’

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When my company arranged for me to travel to Osaka for work on short notice, my most important goal was to find a comfortable and convenient hotel where I could relax after work. As per my usual habits, I browsed a previously-discovered site for boutique style hotels in Osaka first before deciding that LUNA Sakuranomiya appealed the most to me. I made a quick decision to stay at this hotel immediately after browsed the hotel’s detailed page. I have always believed that a perfect hotel would definitely give efforts on their website and ensure that it is detailed and exquisitely designed, especially to court the quintessential Japanese person. Sure enough, LUNA Sakuranomiya’s page provided information which made me choose the hotel without hesitation. The hotel boasts a European décor which allows travelers to relax in style – exactly what I was looking for! Introductions to the luxurious facilities and tempting dining options were further reasons I could not refuse to stay in the hotel. I thus booked one of the rooms out of a few at remaining at last minutes.

The day to depart for Osaka finally arrived. It is not too far from Tokyo, only a 2.5-hour journey on the Shinkansen. Fortunately, transportation to the hotel was very convenient, roughly a 10-minute ride from the bustling downtown Shin-Osaka Station to Sakuranomiya Station via the JR Osaka Loop Line. After alighting, the hotel is within a 5-minute walk from the station’s East exit. Arriving at the hotel with my luggage in tow, I quickly fell in love with the lobby’s atmosphere – a modern, tranquil space which gave rise to the feeling of ethereal beauty. The hotel’s location is very ideal, being a stone’s throw from the Sakuranomiya Shrine. The entire environment makes it easy to forget that one was in metropolitan Osaka; this peaceful ambiance specially tailored for guests cannot be rivaled by the average hotel. What was even more pleasant was that I was fortunate enough to catch the final weeks of the Japanese cherry blossom season this time around, and the hotel’s excellent location afforded guests splendid viewing opportunities. Even though I arrived slightly late, I was thrilled to be able to see cherry blossoms. To briefly describe the hotel’s locality, it is called Sakuranomiya (Sakura Palace) in Japanese. As the name implies, it is one of the prime spots to view cherry blossoms in Osaka. I did not do prior research, but checking-in to this hotel felt like a huge windfall, as I saved on having to pay for transportation to view the blossoms. Such luck!

LUNA Sakuranomiya perfectly combines the luxurious atmosphere with minimalist Japanese aesthetics. Its design does not completely duplicate details of the traditional Japanese hotel, yet still retains its essence. The most important factor in assessing a hotel is its facilities, and LUNA definitely did not disappoint. In a nutshell: impeccable nearing perfection. The rooms blend the taste of traditional lodges with modern design to create a stunning and inviting living experience. The luxury of the hotel is inspired by the classic on-site hot springs. My room 307 was equipped with its own jacuzzi and a personal selection of aromatherapy bath salts. Taking a full-bodied aromatherapy bath washed away the fatigue from my journey. The bathroom was also rather interesting, being lavishly equipped with a steam room so that one might enjoy a leisure steam bath after a hot bath. Through hot steam, the pores are expanded and toxins removed from the body, thus promoting blood circulation and boosting metabolism to achieve the results of beautiful skin. Furthermore, using the luxurious massage chair in the room for a full-body massage after soaking in the hot bath gave me unparalleled satisfaction.

This hotel has another factor which got me really excited. When I first arrived, I noticed a microphone beside the television, but I did not expect them to actually provide karaoke facilities. However, when I switched on the television to check out the entertainment options, I realized that there indeed was an inbuilt karaoke set. More importantly, its song directory contained plenty of English songs, with an English menu for us to select at will.

Of course, the hotel’s room service menu is also part of my concerns. The hotel changes its menu offerings every season, depending on the special seasonal ingredients available during that season. I was particularly impressed with the salmon rice and pizza. Salmon rice is a popular staple food choice of the Japanese. LUNA’s salmon rice has its own unique characteristics – a layer of salmon chunks is placed over the rice before addition of the salmon fish roe, complimented with a refreshing bowl of miso soup, not greasy yet delicious. The pizza is also a signature dish of the hotel since the hotel has adopted a European style. It was, therefore, a must to sample the pizza, together with a few glasses of red wine. LUNA is a meticulously-designed hotel, from facilities to dining. Staying here allowed me to have a mini-vacation whilst on my business trip. I will be revisiting Luna Sakuranomiya the next time I come to Osaka for business or leisure purposes.


Hotel information

HOTEL LUNA Sakuranomiya
HOTEL LUNA Sakuranomiya Nakanocho 1-13-4, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka. Hotel Map  


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