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Relaxed experience night in Hotel & SPA LOTUS Oriental Kyoto

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Located conveniently in Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital, HOTEL & SPA LOTUS ORIENTAL Kyoto is just 10 minutes by car from Kyoto Station, making this hotel a perfect stopover for anyone visiting Kyoto. This is a couple's hotel that can represent the spirit of Kyoto. The philosophy of the hotel is to create an imaginary Japanese-style space resembling a lotus flower. Lotus is a widely distributed flower centered in East Asia. It is also a well-known plant in Japan. Since ancient times, it has enjoyed a reputation of being "pure and unspoiled despite originating from the soil" and is often associated with monasteries and has a mystical aspect. The combination of a Japanese style and a rich, mysterious Asian atmosphere is the biggest feature of HOTEL & SPA LOTUS ORIENTAL Kyoto.

HOTEL & SPA LOTUS ORIENTAL Kyoto has always committed itself to providing clients with first-class facilities and superior services. Compared to many other Japanese hotels, this hotel can be considered a very conscientious one. For the cost of an ordinary hotel booking, you can't easily enjoy a level of luxury in a common hotel. This hotel and discount in my down-tower trip is a discovery that I made while making reservations at love inn japan at the recommendation of a friend. After looking at the hotel's official website, I quickly decided to stay in this hotel. In addition to its large size rooms, the facilities in HOTEL & SPA LOTUS ORIENTAL Kyoto genuinely have everything on offer. During our current stay, both my girlfriend and I could feel a five-star hotel experience here.

Many foreign tourists who visit Japan enjoy soaking in a Japanese-style hot spring. However, in HOTEL & SPA LOTUS ORIENTAL Kyoto, you can do it all without leaving your hotel bathroom: the hotel room has a private open-air bath. Room 327 is the hotel room that I stayed in and it has set up what looks like a mini-spa. There is an open-air bath and another indoor hot stone bath. After performing a simple check-in, we went to our room and saw Japan's most famous hot stone bath. My girlfriend could hardly wait to dump her luggage and begin enjoying the hot stone bath. It was almost beyond our belief that such a luxurious, beautiful hot stone bath could be enjoyed in our own room. Being able to enjoy the contrasting stimulation of hot and cold in the chilly wintry weather can be regarded as a very special memory of our trip. After enjoying the hot stone bath and relaxing in the outdoor bath, it followed that we wanted something to eat and drink to replenish our fluid content. When we walked out of the bathroom, we saw the meticulous welcome fruit plate that the hotel has prepared for us. We felt an extraordinary sense of physical and mental comfort.

What surprised me, even more, is that this hotel is actually equipped with a sauna room. It had never crossed my mind that a hotel room could actually be equipped with a sauna. Of course, I couldn't let go of this opportunity to have a sauna bath. I was just waiting for a chance to detoxify my body and eliminate my fatigue and in a way that saves me from the embarrassment of using a large public sauna. My girlfriend didn't like the heat of the sauna, so she went to the jet bathtub to have a bubble bath. Once both of us have finished our bath, we felt very hungry. We had a look at the hotel's menu and saw that the food is quite good. We felt too lazy to go out and so ordered a few dishes for dinner.

In the cold wintry weather, how could anyone not to choose sukiyaki, one of the most representative dishes in Japan? The seasonal menu periodic sukiyaki that we ordered really lived up to its reputation. It was accompanied by tender tofu below and green vegetables and fresh mushrooms on the side. Of course, the most important thing about sukiyaki is the beef inside. When you pick up a piece of beef and dip it in raw egg, you can really enjoy a world of deliciousness that you have never experienced before. I have heard that HOTEL & SPA LOTUS ORIENTAL Kyoto has employed a professional licensed chef; for this reason, the food in the hotel has a very good reputation. My girlfriend and I both agree that another dish worthy of recommending is the lobster pasta. As its name suggests, this dish is a long-cooked pasta with a whole lobster placed on top. The familiar texture of the pasta is coupled with a lobster, the "king of seafood," and the fresh, sweet lobster sauce just makes you yearn for more.

After dinner, we decided to watch a big Hollywood movie in the hotel room. There was a large 80-inch TV in the room, plus a luxurious audio system. Watching a movie here is almost comparable to sitting in an average-size theater. While I was selecting a movie, my girlfriend leaped onto a massage chair on the side of the room and waited for me to work the video. She really understood how to enjoy herself better than I do. If you are looking for a professional level massage, the hotel also provides a traditional Balinese massage service that offers a discounted rate for staying guests. For a small extra fee, you can enjoy a professional massage spa.

If you are like me and just want to go to Kyoto or Kansai to look around and find a conveniently located hotel with delicious food and all your requirements met, especially for Sakura season soon, go ahead with HOTEL & SPA LOTUS ORIENTAL Kyoto will not let you down.

*visited on Oct/2017




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