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Hotel Atlantis Tanimachi, a hotel that especially for us

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You have probably had the experience of living in a Japanese hotel already. For foreign travelers, the smallness of the hotel room is probably what they find most unbearable, despite the fact that they have paid enough money to live quite comfortably in another country. In the future, Japan's boutique hotel is absolutely the ideal choice for everyone visiting Japan. ATLANTIS Tanimachi is one such boutique hotel that offers you a new definition of Japanese hotels.

The reason I chose this hotel that its prime location at the heart of the city. It takes only 30 minutes to get here by car from Osaka Itami Airport; getting to surrounding cities such as Kobe also only takes 45 minutes, and even getting to Kyoto takes only about 50 minutes. The location of a hotel is simply the greatest blessing to a traveler like me. It has saved me a massive amount of time and money that I otherwise would have spent on transport during my journey.


Because this was my first time here, when the staff heard that I wanted to upgrade, they very kindly took me to inspect several other rooms, among which were 203, 901 and 902. These rooms have outdoor baths and facilities such as a rock bath, which is most popular in Japan at the moment. Unfortunately, they had been booked by other guests already. Just as its name suggests, ATLANTIS Tanimachi gives you the illusion of traveling in an ocean. At this place, not only can you feel relieved from the hustle and bustle of your journey, but all the advanced equipment introduced here also makes your hotel stay a superior experience. As soon as you enter the front entrance of the hotel, the theme of blue leads you straight to the hotel counter. After a simple check-in, I grabbed my key and couldn't wait to open the door of my own room. I stayed in Room 305. The interior of the room could be described as luxurious: marble tiles, a huge LCD TV, and a massive bed. Listening to the relaxing music in this comfortable environment evaporated all my tiredness from my travel.

I made a booking at Loveinn Japan because the ATLANTIS Tanimachi has a very luxurious bath which took my fancy. Of course, I couldn't miss this opportunity of having my own jet bath in my room and taking a comfortable bath. There is a "bath salt bar" at the entrance of the hotel, where you can choose from a variety of "aroma bath salt" that you can use to personalize your bathtub and dye it into a color of your preference. I chose the rose color bath salt. After my bath, my whole body felt refreshed and exceedingly relaxed. In addition, there was a massage chair in the room. After a long day of tiring exertion, why not come here and have a whole body massage? After bathing, I lay cozily on the soft massage chair and selected the standard mode. In a moment, I could distinctly feel that my muscles are no longer sore and that my tiredness has gone.


The powerful recreational facilities at ATLANTIS Tanimachi are sufficient to enable you to float in the sea of your own room for 24 hours. When I came back to the hotel in downtown Osaka, it was already ten o'clock at night. I felt bored and turned on the huge LCD TV in front of me. It didn't let me down at all. The hotel has prepared the latest and most comprehensive catalog of movies and animation for its guests. I finally had an opportunity to watch movies that I had always wanted to watch in my own exclusive private movie theater. I didn't need to worry about the loud noise disrupting guests in the adjacent rooms either: the hotel has soundproofed all the walls a long time ago.

Another noteworthy thing about ATLANTIS Tanimachi is the delicious food it serves. The food here is not limited to Japanese cuisine; it includes a variety of Western and Chinese dishes as well. When I was staying in the hotel, I ordered a fillet steak, a pizza, and a chocolate dessert. I must mention that the food here is very delicious. Apart from having any food you can think of, all the dishes have been meticulously prepared. The fillet steak was fried just right; as soon as the tender steak reached my mouth, it immediately released the gravy inside. The pizza also has a crusty, crispy cheese aroma; the only drawback is that it is too small. Lastly, the chocolate dessert was also great; as an after-dinner embellishment, it eliminated the greasy feeling of the meal. Also, if you wanted to drink wine, the hotel also offers a wide variety of Japanese and Western wine. I ordered a cup of traditional Japanese wine and slowly savored the taste of Japan from the wine. In addition, I must remind everyone not to forget the in-room breakfast service provided by ATLANTIS Tanimachi, which is different from ordinary Japanese hotels. In the early morning, guests can enjoy the warm hospitality of delivered breakfast from the hotel. There is a toast package (egg rolls, bacon or ham), a Japanese salmon porridge package and many others.

If you are still worrying about visiting Osaka and living in a place that costs a lot but fails to give you enough room to open your luggage, you should seriously consider staying in my recommended Osaka "Hotel ATLANTIS Tanimachi" specially designed for couples.


*visited on Oct/2017




Derrick has live in Japan for nearly five years. He is an ideal person to ask where to eat and where to visit in Japan based on his experience. He always likes to go to some places where not many people will go, because he believes that only the place he can find and understand the essence of Japan culture. He is also obsessed with looking for amazing food in all over Japan, and definitely, he can get you the best food experience by following his lead.

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