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Everyone can enjoy ski and snowboard in Japan.

Hotel Lotus Kobe
By bella-Vi on 28 Dec 2017

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In the blink of an eye, autumn is over; autumn and winter intersect with no warning. While the maple leaves still cling to the trees in one city, the snow has already begun to fall in another city, like in the northeastern part of Japan. The weather is colder now, and it’s time to plan winter trips. Couples can go to a winter wonderland to ski, enjoy hot springs, eat good beef, and shop - it’s all right here. If you are planning a couple holiday with your loved one.

This year’s autumn ended quickly, as it always does; before you even finished viewing the autumn leaves in the big parks, you already need to start planning for your ski trip. Otherwise, you might not be able to book hotel rooms, particularly in the surrounding cities where you can go skiing.

This time, http://loveinnjapan.com  wants to share with you some information about skiing and local accommodations through this article.

First of all, we recommend that everyone fly from Taiwan to Osaka; not only does LCC provide frequent service between the two locations, also the flights are often inexpensive and the distance traveled is short. We trust that everyone already knows about some of the more famous skiing locations, but it’s a common misconception that you need to go to a place like Hokkaido - Kobe, in fact, is just fine. Loveinnjapan will recommend a ski resort and suggest some accommodations.

Please continue reading. For example;


Hyogo Prefecture’s  〝Mount Rokko″


Mount Rokko is very close to Arima Onsen, Osaka, and downtown Kobe. From the mountain, you can see the beautiful streetscapes and night views of the Osaka Bay coast.

Enjoy the beautiful wildlife, gourmet dining, and shopping that changes from season to season.

Let’s take a look at an example itinerary.


◆Time required: about 60 minutes. Ticket price: 1,180 yen

Oishi Station à (one-way 140 yen) Hanshin Railway 3 stops à (one-way 210 yen) à Rokko Cable Line Lower Station à (cable car, one-way 590 yen) à Rokko Cable Station à (9-13 minutes, one-way 240 yen) à Rokko tourist area (final destination)

◆Pass information


Skiing is a must-do here. Are you hesitant because you lack experience? Are you worried because you don’t have the right equipment?

We have already looked this up for you. You can show up empty-handed and utilize the on-site rentals. Even ski clothing is available in a variety of styles for both children and adults.

【Basic Skiing Costs】Total 9,850 yen

  • Ski rental package: 4,650 yen
  • Entrance fee (9:00-15:30): 2,100 yen
  • Ski lift fee (Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays): 3,100 yen

*For more details, please check their website


As for accommodations:

Hotel Lotus Kobe

Address: Oishi Minamimachi 2-11-12, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo


The nearest rail station: Oishi Station, 5 minutes walking distance

It is only 18 km and 35 minutes by car from the hotel.

If you are frustrated by budgeting for accommodations, then you cannot miss out on this article.


Hotel Lotus Kobe, prices start at 6,490 yen a night; you are charged based on the number of rooms, which is different from the typical practice of charging based on the number of people. It’s affordable and comfortable.

Not only does each room have a Jacuzzi, but you can also watch movies and anime as much as you want.

If you’re tired from skiing and don’t want to leave the room, you can call room service and eat a wide variety of cuisine including domestic steak.

If you still want to eat beef, especially traditional Kobe beef dishes, you can take the rail from the hotel directly to downtown Kobe; it’s very convenient.

It is only 40 minutes by tram from Kobe to Osaka and only 60 minutes by car from Kobe to Kyoto.

In one trip, you can visit and enjoy multiple cities; isn’t that amazing?

What are you waiting for?

Make your reservation soon before they are fully booked.


Hotel information

Hotel Lotus Kobe
https://loveinnjapan.com/en/hotel/610807/ Oishi Minamimachi 2-11-12, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo.


bella-Vi loves to travel, she likes to dive into the sea to enjoy the underwater world. Having lived in Japan for 3 years, she has little experience with shopping, dining, sightseeing and hotel accommodation. Non-stop travel is her motivation and dreams. She wishes to travel the whole world in one day.

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