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By Yichun Lin on 20 Nov 2017

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Most people who travel to Japan will spend time looking for hotels before setting off, and after taking into account factors such as price and distance, the majority will end up choosing to stay in business hotels. Having lived in Japan for the past seven years, I often have friends asking me to recommend Japanese hotels. I will now list some recommendations for Japanese love hotels.

First of all, Japan is the land of love hotels. The country has a total of over 30,000 of them. There are a huge number of choices in convenient locations. Many of them are near stations and busy areas, such as Asakusa, Shinjuku, and Shibuya stations; others are located near public highways and near suburban railways, such as Kunitachi City, Tachikawa and Chiba Prefecture in the outskirts of Tokyo. It's very easy to find a love hotel which is suitable for you. This is especially convenient for tourists traveling in cities like Tokyo and Osaka - all you need to do is walk out of a subway station and you'll reach a hotel. Even hotels located in downtown areas are usually more spacious inside than business hotels, and the facilities are also more luxurious - at the very least there are bigger bathrooms and more comfortable beds! Also, the price is usually almost the same as for business hotels. If a hotel is located in the suburbs, it will be more spacious, and the price more affordable, and some are no less luxurious than star-hotels! By contrast, in Taiwan, most love hotels are large, with a more functional style, but they are located in suburbs you need to drive to, and there are limited options located downtown or near subway stops.

Hotel Stellate, Shinjuku

In Japanese love hotels, you can enjoy convenient automated services. From check in to check out, you can do everything yourself - just like going to Ichiran Ramen, where you can just use the self-service machines to get some food and pay. Even if you can't speak Japanese, you can still use the machines. When you walk into a Japanese love hotel, you might be welcomed by an empty front desk, with an electronic screen showing room layouts and pictures. After selecting your desired room type, you can pick up your keys and check-in. When checking out, whether the room has an automatic payment machine, or whether you go to the front desk to pay through a payment window, you don't need to face any staff. This is the unique attentiveness of Japanese love hotels - that they completely respect guests' privacy and safety.

What's more, in Japanese love hotels you can enjoy the kinds of themes that can only be found in Japan.  The island Villa theme which is popular in Taiwan is also fully exploited in Japan. There are additional spa facilities inside and outside hotel rooms, as well as Japanese hot springs. Electronic hair salon products are also provided, rivaling 5-star resorts. In the outskirts, there are also Mongolian-style yurts, Jurassic Park, and anime themes. You cannot help but admire the ability of the Japanese to create theme parks.

water S hotel kunitachi


Urban Japanese love hotels range from those with completely unlimited space to the more compact. For example, only in Japan can you experience theme rooms such as hospital treatment rooms, construction sites, school classrooms, gyms, mayor's offices - they really do have everything you can think of! In some tram-themed rooms, they go as far as completely copying the decor of Japanese trams, and they are extremely lifelike. Other unique Japanese themes include cartoon-style Hello Kitty rooms,  culture theme rooms, period theme rooms and so on. You could say they're like an adult Disney Land. In Japan, in a society of heavy work pressure and repression, role-playing is a way to relieve stress. Just like how travelers go abroad for a change of scenery, when in Japan, don't forget to go to a love hotel to experience a different kind of fun!

Now you can browse hotel information and book rooms online in Chinese, English, and Korean through the loveinnjapan.com web platform. It's extremely convenient for Chinese speaking travelers! With the help of simple descriptions and clear maps, you are sure to find love hotels to suit your age and needs. It's more convenient and more fun. Safe and comfortable Japanese love hotels are just waiting to be discovered!


Yichun Lin

Yichun Lin

Yichun Lin has been a resident in Japan for more than six years, where a familiar as well as the exotic country for her. She's been enjoying the modern but traditional land that is in elegant style. Still, she explores new things among streets and starts to see through the cultural phenomenon in daily life...

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