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Luxurious vacation in Water Hotel S Kunitachi

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Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and its cramping space, and in need of a getaway? You can save yourself from a five-hour flight to those South Pacific islands, all you need to do is board a train at Shinjuku, and in 45 minutes, you will arrive at a boutique hotel which rivals islands.

At the entrance of National Water S, I was delighted to see the sunlight reflected from a large glass floor, below which were white pebbles. This was a tranquil zone with the gurgling of water. A lovely wooden carving of tropical fish directed me to the elevator. On the second floor, a smiling staff member at the reception desk (which is also a mini bar) greeted me and guided me to the reception lounge for checking in. I walked past a beach of white pebbles to a private semi-circular box seat which offers a glimpse of the ocean. Filling in the Japanese-English bilingual information sheets while sipping at my choice of welcome tropical cocktail, I could not help wondering: Was I in Tokyo or Bali?

The staff member led me to Room 601 – the finest room located on the top floor – and briefed me about the facilities. I found out that this was not a standard procedure, but the hotel was being considerate to its foreign travelers. The deluxe facilities wowed me! A cylindrical aquarium and the fish captured my attention right after the room door opened. In the living room, there was a comfy double sofa; when lying in bed, I could see the undulating ceiling resembling the wave; there was even a control panel that offered ten settings of lighting and audio! Rattan basket, table lamp with rattan pattern and the marble floor set a relaxing tone for the room.


The spa facility is the signature of Water S. Decorated with ocean-like white and blue tiles, the facility features ergonomic full-body massage mats, spacious Jacuzzi and steam rooms with an enormous glass door facing outdoor, all designed to relax the body and mind. I could access my favorite balcony from here, it is a mini paradise surrounded by palms, and two loungers are sitting quietly, with an outdoor Jacuzzi at the corner. This is a place too good to leave.

I chose my meals on the English menu and gave it to a staff member. Twenty minutes later, the catering service was here in my room. I could not think of a more romantic way than enjoying my meal on a glass table ornamented with shells and white sand. The seasonal vanilla grilled lamb chop was tender and in a just-right serving and the freshly squeezed grapefruit sour was fantastic. Water S is famous for its quality catering, and the price is almost the same as ordinary restaurants. The 24-hour catering service is in charge by more than 20 licensed chefs. The food is too good to miss!

At the spa facility, I pampered myself with a moisturizing mask while pouring into the Jacuzzi some natural sea salt and organic bubble bath milk. The light dimmed along with the activated soothing bubble jets. I indulged myself in colorful bubbles, lavender fragrance, and soft music. At Water S, your prime mission is to empty your mind and relax your body… After a while, I explored the steam room. It only took a couple of minutes after putting the natural mint herbal packs into the steam hole to spoil yourself in a refreshing atmosphere, and enjoy the pleasure of sweating… I switched to the outdoor Jacuzzi for some fresh air, then lay on the lounger, and bathed in the moonlight, this was a blissful moment… I would have believed that I was on a vacation at a private villa on some tropical islands.


As if you are yet to be satisfied with these lavish facilities and the atmosphere, you could find different kinds of quality skincare and body care products on the dressing table, all made in Japan, for both males and females. Appliances such as Panasonic hair dryer and hair curler are also available. Other built-in entertainment options such as domestic and foreign movies, karaoke in Japanese, English, and Chinese, are accessible too.

What could be better than a big breakfast to start the day after a nice sleep? Water S offers complimentary and delicious breakfast to its dwellers. The assorted breakfast that I had chosen, included three types of freshly made bread, salad, fried eggs, sausages, two homemade jams with yogurt, and a pot of coffee! After that, I asked a staff member to book a taxi for me to go to the nearby train station. I was sad to leave, but I had recharged myself for the upcoming journey.

It is such a nice experience dwelling at a Japanese boutique hotel for the first time, and to be honest, the facilities, space, and service offered by Water S are far better beyond my expectation! I guess not even those 100 square feet apartments or some large urban hotels can rival it. At Water S, it is like having all the facilities of those starred hotels in one single room, where you can enjoy absolute privacy and tranquility. Other less expensive room types are also equipped with luxurious massage tubs. I had the pleasure of visiting Room 309, which has a special interior design. The wooden ceiling makes one feel like in a chalet, and it is very spacious. You can reserve a room on loveinnjapan.com, and a lucid instruction email regarding the whole checking in process and room facilities with Chinese/English/Korean language options will be sent to you. The staff members are very friendly towards foreign travelers and can communicate in simple English. Living in a boutique hotel in Japan is just as easy as living in any other hotels.

Water S is only five minutes’ driving distance from the Yaho Station in the outskirts of Tokyo. Take the JR Chuo Line and change at the Tachikawa Station for the Nambu Line, the Yaho Station is only three stops away. There are also scenic spots nearby, such as Mount Takao, Mitaka, Kichijoji Temple, and Showa Kinen Park.

Told by its name, Water S heals one’s body and soul with water. Similar to spa villas on islands, Water S loosens you up with aquatic activities. Whether you are visiting Tokyo or living in Japan, I would highly recommend this hotel to you.


Yichun Lin

Yichun Lin

Yichun Lin has been a resident in Japan for more than six years, where a familiar as well as the exotic country for her. She's been enjoying the modern but traditional land that is in elegant style. Still, she explores new things among streets and starts to see through the cultural phenomenon in daily life...

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