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By Derrick on 29 Sep 2017

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The shopping paradise known as Tokyo can always satisfy the needs of a shopaholic. Once you touched down on this land, you are destined to enter a "shopaholic tour" that squeeze your wallet dry. Whether you are here with your best friends, your partner on honeymoon or with family on holiday, whatever the objective of your trip, you will find your returned suitcases so overloaded that you will have difficulty carrying them. For example, when you come to Japan, you must visit the drug store, which has everything from the cosmetics that all your friends are crazy about to the amenities supplies that just fit your whole family; when you visit the electrical appliance shop, you can buy the latest design rice cooker or even the wildly popular washlet unit. However, if you wish to buy brand products and feel that the flagship stores in Ginza or Omotesando are too pricey, I am about to recommend to you the large shopping  "Outlet" which should be your best choice, because the brand products here are at least 20 percent cheaper than usual.

Across Japan, there are about thirty Outlet shopping parks, out of which more than a dozen are located in the metropolitan areas around Tokyo. Today, I want to introduce the Mitsui Shopping Park in Chiba Prefecture. The reason I chose this shopping park because of its vicinity to Tokyo Disneyland. First, let's say a few words about the world-famous theme park Disneyland. Even though there is already a Disneyland Shanghai in mainland China, Japan's Disneyland is bound to give you a wonderful and unforgettable experience. This is because Japan has the world's only Disney Sea, of which there are various attraction rides that make all tourists cry out in delight. The roller coaster should be enough to give people heart-stopping thrills. The Aladdin light stage can take everyone on an enjoyable journey to a richly exotic Middle Eastern Islamic world. The firework display in the evening especially is the one show that every tourist must see. What's more interesting is that if you come to Disneyland in the summer, you can take part in a grand water carnival, so be prepared to get very wet. That's why I recommend that when you make plans to visit Disneyland, you should set aside one day to visit the nearby shopping park to buy your long-cherished bags, high heels, and apparel.


Mitsui Shopping Park is only a 30-minute ride away from Tokyo station. It is located in a prime location about a minute's walk from the south exit of Kaihinmakuhari Station. It is a gateway to Japan because it is a must-stop location between Japan's largest airport, Narita Airport. It is also highly recommended to tourists who are flying home from Narita Airport because it is only 40 minutes by shuttle bus to Narita Airport. You can spend the least amount of time doing your shopping before going home. Being able to buy your favorite brand products at the lowest budget will certainly make your trip to Japan even more rewarding.

Another important reason for recommending this shopping park is that most of the shops here are able to provide duty-free services for foreign tourists (just show your overseas passport to the staff and you can save yourself 8% in the consumption tax, which makes the price more favorable). Even if you have run out of Japanese Yen, there is no need to worry. This place accepts all major international credit cards, including China UnionPay cards. You can even exchange foreign currencies (RMB, TWD, HKD, etc.) for Yen. Mitsui Shopping Park Makuhari is actually suitable for visits all year round because in almost every season there are different types of discount on offer. For example, in January there is the New Year's blessing bag sale; in summer, there is the summer bargain; in Christmas, there is a festive sale. Also, if you visit on a membership day, you only need to register as a member on the same day to receive an additional 10% discount.

When you are ready for lunch after a hectic morning of shopping, just visit the restaurant area of the shopping park and you will be able to experience a variety of cuisine or local Japanese cuisine as a reward for your shop-weary self. This place has an assortment of Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian and more, as well as snacks and desserts, I suggest that you should first find your favorite restaurant and have a big appetizing meal, and then go to an adjacent store and have a casual afternoon tea or dessert like crepes that Japanese girls love. After you have feasted enough, you can commence the second half of your mad shopping spree and make good use of your time and opportunity to secure your favorite brands.

Do you want to bring home all kinds of branded goods? Do you worry that the long transit waiting hours and you have no place to go? Do you want to find a place that can satisfy your shopping desire? Think no more, Mitsui Shopping Park Makuhari is your best choice. Invite your family and friends now and go on an exciting shopping trip!




Derrick has live in Japan for nearly five years. He is an ideal person to ask where to eat and where to visit in Japan based on his experience. He always likes to go to some places where not many people will go, because he believes that only the place he can find and understand the essence of Japan culture. He is also obsessed with looking for amazing food in all over Japan, and definitely, he can get you the best food experience by following his lead.

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