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Hotel Forsion, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Hotel Forsion: The neon lights of the city

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In the heart of Shinjuku lies the bustling nightlife hotspot known as Kabukicho. Here locals and tourists can enjoy a night out dancing and dining under the bright, neon lights of the city.
Although there are plenty of activities in the area to keep you busy until sunrise, if you are looking for a more relaxing and luxurious close to the evening, a leisure hotel such as Hotel Forsion is a fine option.

In contrast to the typical neon-clad clubs and bars of the area, the unique, alluring design of Hotel Forsion immediately prepares you for a night of extravagance. Conveniently located just off the busiest streets of Kabukicho, Hotel Forsion is easy to access and has everything you need to either keep the party rolling or calmly unwind. The touch panels at the entrance of the hotel which display the rooms and their availability offer a simple and private check-in. After selecting your room and number of hours you plan to stay, you are ready to enjoy the evening.


The VIP room on the top floor is not unlike a room you would find at a lavish five-star hotel. The high ceiling, tile floor, tastefully decorated walls, and moody lighting create a perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation. The silver, black, and bronze color scheme throughout the room presents a certain richness while the warm lights bring a feeling of comfort. Curtains separate the bedroom from the outdoor area, but can be drawn back at the press of a button to reveal a welcoming bath and dining area.

In addition to its luxurious atmosphere, the VIP room also offers a number of activities for guests who aren’t quite ready to call it a night. Equipped with a massive flat-screen TV, Blu-Ray player, and a high quality Bose speaker system, this room has enough to keep you entertained until dawn. Popular consoles such as WiiU or PS4 can even be rented for your enjoyment. Additionally, a wide selection of movies and videos can be accessed using the TV remote. Whether you are in the mood for an action movie, romantic comedy, etc. Hotel Forsion has got it covered. For even more fun, karaoke is also available through the remote. With the provided microphones, you could sing all night from the comfort of the couch, or you could give the performance of your life by making use of the spacious room.


Of course, no good movie or karaoke night is complete without snacks. Fortunately Hotel Forsion has a menu to satisfy any craving. With tasty options such as hamburgers and fries, fresh sushi, and quality meals, you won’t leave the hotel hungry. Drinks for any occasion can also be ordered from the menu, or you could simply select drinks from the convenient minibar inside the room.

When it is finally time to relax, you can enjoy a good soak in one of the two baths. While the indoor bath comes with a TV and brilliant lights which illuminate the soothing bathwater, the outdoor bath and relaxation area is truly refreshing. Rain or shine, the retractable cover ensures that you are able to enjoy the fresh air while the water jets melt away any aches or pains from a long day of travel and adventure.

Once the bath has worked its magic, you can slip on some cozy pajamas and turn in for the night. Lying comfortably in bed under the fresh covers, you can still manage the room’s settings with the control center near the headboard. Music and preset lighting options can be selected to create the perfect mood for the evening. After a night of excitement and enjoyment, sleep will come easily.

You may think a luxurious stay at a five-star quality hotel is reserved only for extravagant dream vacations, but it is possible at Hotel Forsion. The fun doesn’t have to end as the last train for the night rolls away from the station. Treat yourself and try Hotel Forsion.



Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew is an American writer living in Tokyo, Japan. He often finds himself wandering home from a livehouse after missing the last train. As an outdoors enthusiast, musician, traveler and editor, he stays pretty busy, but he is still always looking for new things to try. The only thing more unorganised than his schedule is his room.

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