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7 Reasons Why Love Hotels Are Ideal Business Hotels in Japan

19 Dec 2016

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When travelling for business, choosing the right hotel for your stay can make all the difference in terms of your focus, performance, stress levels, and enjoyment of the city. Clean and modern facilities, adequate amenities, convenient location and ease of check in and out are all critical factors.

If you're in Japan for business, in addition to traditional hotels, accommodation options include a range of business hotels (“bijinesu hoteru”), capsule hotels as well as love hotels (“rabu hoteru”). Capsule hotels are competitively priced, around ¥3000 a night, but this means forgoing many of the standard hotel offerings that make for a comfortable stay–you’ll be sleeping in a cubicle that’s 2m x 1m wide and sharing bathroom facilities. There's also a range of specialty business hotels--for around ¥7000 for a single or ¥9000 for a double you’ll get a (little) more room, basic furnishings and amenities delivered in a noticeably no-frills “budget” style.


Love hotels offer the same kinds of amenities and facilities for about the same price as many business hotels - but there is nothing frugal-feeling about these. Luxurious furnishings, artwork-adorned walls, and other decorations and fancy fittings all make for an indulgent experience. Although love hotels in Japan were initially aimed at couples looking for somewhere to spend an intimate night together, they are increasingly occupied by a broader market for a variety of purposes–tourists looking for somewhere to rest and freshen up for the evening after a day of sightseeing, ladies’ nights out, elderly people who just want a space to relax, and business travellers in search of a convenient, competitively priced place to rest, recharge, or even get work done. Whether it’s resort-like up-scale amenities, gourmet in-house menus, high speed wifi, in-room onsen (hot spring) style baths, and more, love hotels offer great things especially for people on a short stay in the city.


Why to Stay at a Love Hotel in Japan for Your Business Accommodation


  • You’ll be treated to quality facilities and luxury furnishings.


Relatively new or recently refurbished hotels are ideal for business stay. Unlike the cramped space and bare-bones furnishings of business hotels in Japan for the same price, love hotels offer luxuriously comfortable beds–at least double in size, and expansive and often quite flashy bathrooms, and most fitted with a bathtub. Rooms are equipped with large flat-screen TVs, each offering many different forms of entertainment and services. Other furnishings vary according to room size, but may have small kitchens, living room furnishings such as a couch, coffee table and desk, and plenty of workspace--all stylishly composed.

  1. All the necessary amenities are provided, plus some extra.


Both business hotels and love hotels offer a range of amenities that vary from place to place, but love hotels generally offer a more luxurious experience for the same price as a business hotel. Rooms come with high-quality versions of appliances, such as kettles and irons, necessary for a smooth stay. Towels and toiletries such as shampoo, body soap and toothbrushes are usually provided for free. More up-market love hotels in Japan offer bath salts and an expansive range of high-end bath and beauty products. Other facilities, such as massage chairs, wifi, washing machines and refrigerators, may be offered depending on the hotel and room.


  1. You can enjoy excellent meals delivered to your room, or at one of the many restaurants close by.


While most love hotels don’t have restaurants, they do have 24-hour room service, ordered conveniently from a TV touchscreen or via the room-service phone, and paid for at the end of your stay. Menus are similar to those found at Japanese cafes or izakaya, and usually of better quality–fried rice, pizzas, pasta and salads feature commonly. There’s an increasing trend for higher-end love hotels to offer gourmet meals featuring local produce. Given the close proximity of love hotels to train stations, city centers and entertainment districts, there’s no shortage of places to grab a quick bite and drink, host an upscale business dinner, or meet over coffee.


  1. A clean, safe and quiet environment means you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed.


Love hotel rooms are rigorously laundered after each stay, and are thus renowned for their impeccable cleanliness. State-of-the-art security systems ensure love hotels are just as safe as business hotels, and in any case, Japan is generally regarded as a very safe country. Despite their handy central locations, love hotels are decked out with insulation to noise, so that guests are guaranteed a restful stay.


  1. You’ll be able to find a hotel in a location that suits you.


There’s around 37,000 love hotels across Japan, meaning that they are easy to find, and tend to be centrally located close to train stations and city centers. This means you’re likely to find one close to where you need to do business, and that public transport and cabs will be easy to catch.


  1. Smooth check in and out processes minimises hassle.


As the check in and out process at love hotels is designed to minimize contact, procedures are often swifter than other types of hotels - in many cases, automated machines in the lobby actually manage the process. If there’s no machine, reception is still open 24 hours. As with business hotels, some love hotels require payment in advance, with extras such as room service paid for upon check-out. At others, the entire bill is paid at check-out. Reservations can usually be made via the hotel website, email or phone, and are recommended for weekend stays. Check-in time for overnight stays varies, but usually starts from 9pm.


  1. Pricing plans are flexible.


At love hotels you can pay by the hour for a short stay or “rest,” or for an overnight stay. Love hotel room rates vary based on room size and amenities, but generally range from around 3,000 to 8,000 yen for a rest, and around 7,000 to 10,000 yen for a stay, with higher prices during the weekend. Charges are usually per room rather than per person, and the price includes all room features and amenities. Refreshments and room service are usually charged separately. Both cash and Japanese credit cards are widely accepted at most love hotels, but the ability to use foreign credit cards differs among hotels and is in no way guaranteed, so it is recommended to have cash at hand.


If You’re Looking for a Business Hotel in Japan, Try a Love Hotel


For business travellers in Japan, love hotels offer high-class accommodations that are often cleaner and more luxurious than what can be found at business hotels for the same price. Their excellent facilities and amenities, coupled with a uniquely Japanese experience, make love hotels an ideal option for short-stay business customers.


First-time love hotel visitors should read this guide on how to check in and enjoy your stay. To find a hotel suitable for your next stay in Japan browse the Love Inn Japan hotel listings.


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