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Top 5 Crazy Love Hotel Buildings!

By Riccardo on 12 Dec 2016

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Following the great success of our Top 6 Quirky Rooms article, we decided to pick for you the craziest love hotel buildings we could find here in Japan.

Just like in the previous article, we rather not write down the names of the hotels, so please contact us in case you wish to know more about them.

Now, let’s get down to the list!


  • The Boat Building


Now, imagine my reaction when I was walking down a street in Tokyo and in the middle of no-where I saw a giant boat with windows, doors, and antennas. I immediately thought my mind was tricking me, or maybe I just had too many beers, but the closer I got, the more it looked absolutely real. Eventually I realized I wasn’t delusional (or drunk) and that boat was nothing but a huge love hotel. And what a stunning love hotel that was!


  • The Temple


This love hotel looks like a temple. Not like a Japanese temple, more like an ancient Roman temple, such as the Pantheon. We could even call it the Pantheon of Love if you fancy that. Maybe I should also mention that it’s red, it has a lot of lights, and it’s pretty shiny. This is definitely a great location for those crazy pictures you’re going to upload on facebook and brag to your friends about!


  • The UFO


“They walk among us.” Man, I love conspiracy theories. Who knows, maybe extraterrestrials are really walking among us. Maybe they even set this love hotel up so that they can blend among us while observing how our sexual reproduction works. “You always have to take it to the next level, don’t you” and old friend of mine used to tell me. Maybe he’s right, but just in case you’re down for some close encounters of the third type in Japan, now you know where to go.


  • The “I want it to be Christmas 24/7, 365 days a year” love hotel


Do you think I’m joking, right? I know it, I know you’re thinking it can’t be real, there can’t be a hotel where it is always (every single day of the year) Christmas. Welcome to the crazy culture of Japanese love hotels, buddy. And we are talking about a whole chain of love hotels themed around Christmas. That Santa Claus guy you see at the entrance is not going anywhere in August, so just pretend it’s Christmas every day and you’ll have a lot of fun, I promise.


  • The multicolored building


It might not look as crazy or unique as the other hotels mentioned in this article, but it still look pretty cool. This building light up completely when the sun goes down, and it turns into a spectacular show of different colors and gradations. Definitely another cool location for one of those Facebook pictures I was talking about.


We hope you enjoyed the article, and don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail if you have any question.




Riccardo is an Italian weirdo who has been living in Asia for the past 10 years. He speaks several languages and sometimes he doesn’t even remember where he came from. He likes ice cream, pizza, and Quentin Tarantino. Say "Hi" if you meet him around Tokyo, though he probably won't say hello back to you.

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