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Hotel Stellate, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

A Stellar Stay at Stellate

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In the heart of Shinjuku’s bustling Kabukicho district sits a little oasis. At first site, Hotel Stellate is immediately dazzling; a shimmering beacon of glass and lights in an otherwise gray area. After a brief stop in the lobby to select your room and a short elevator ride up stairs, you'll find the rooms to be as exciting as the glimmering exterior.


The room I checked out was Room 601, a suite style room, which is the top tier choice in this hotel. Though it wasn’t overly spacious things were well arranged and comfortable. There was plenty of space to move about between the bed, lounge area, and washroom. The suite had a fashionable style without seeming to try too hard and it certainly felt like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the concrete town outside. The color scheme of the hotel is a simple black and white, accented with well placed hints of green. Unlike business hotels or bargain hotels where you might find bright overhead lighting, Hotel Stellate incorporates warm mood lighting into its rooms. At its brightest the lighting feels like a spring morning’s daylight, and at its dimmest, candlelight. If you’re looking for one thing from a love hotel then escape would be it. The warm adjustable lighting, deep and comfortable leather couch, large and fluffy bed, and ample amenities all help to whisk you away. The heated floor in the shower doesn’t hurt either.

Speaking of amenities, Stellate has you covered. Luxuries like bathrobes and slippers are provided, but that’s not what impressed me. It’s the little things that make a great stay, and they were all taken care of. All those items that someone might need on an overnight (but might forget), such as contact solution, moisturizers, and toothbrushes are available in room. Even phone chargers are available for free rental. There is a conbini-box fridge (mini-bar) stocked with drinks, as well as a separate fridge for guest use. Also included is an array of movies on demand on your room’s big-screen TV, coffee, a few complimentary soft-drinks, and a large beer to split for a pre-lounging toast. Not to mention the “welcome service.”

The welcome service is a pretty nice touch. Once in your room you are served a slice of cake, a small ice cream sundae, and a champagne glass of beer. Not a bad way to start a relaxing evening. If you are staying overnight there is a light breakfast service included: A warm pastry, cereal, orange juice, and soup all can help you to face the real world again after an evening escape. If you need more sustenance the hotel partnered with surrounding restaurants for their room service, so rather than going out to search for your dinner they bring it to you. If you chose to bring your own dinner along, there is a microwave hidden away in a cabinet below the TV.
If you happen to be into watching TV in the bath, or just fantasized about it, then you’re covered. There is a medium sized TV built into the wall of the shower room. If you don’t want media intruding on your bath time you still won’t be bored during your soak. The bath features Jacuzzi jets and mood lighting. The shower is separated from the bathtub, which is a nice touch, and did I mention the heated floor? There is a heated floor in the shower room, which is something I didn’t know I loved until encountering it.

All in all the Hotel Stellate covered all their bases. The hotel is clean and stylish and takes into account all the needs of the guests. The rooms make good use of space, and good interior planning makes all the difference. I went into this room looking for a place to be cozy, comfortable, and relaxed and all my expectations were met.


Eric S. Tessier

Eric S. Tessier

Eric is a coffee enthusiast stranded in Tokyo. He enjoys wandering around the city aimlessly and discovering interesting places that lie off the beaten path. When he isn’t walking or drinking coffee he enjoys writing as well as binge watching streaming videos.

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