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Hotel Pasha, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Hotel Pasha: One thousand and one nights in Shinjuku

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They told me the Pasha is the best love hotel in Japan, and I have to admit I had a hard time believing that until recently, when I finally had the chance to spend a night there. Lucky me, I was assigned the room 802 which is, by chance, the highest ranked room available there. So I was in the best room of the best love hotel in the country and, quoting the best line of the best movie of the century, in that room “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe!”

I know the most of you are impatient to hear what I saw, and you are probably already skipping through half of this article just to get to the juicy stuff, but me, as a reporter, I have to follow a certain order in telling things. The location is probably the most important thing when choosing a place to stay, and the Pasha hotel is conveniently located in Shinjuku which is the most central area in Tokyo. The hotel is not too far from the station, probably 10 minutes on foot, located straight in the heart of the most popular night-life place of Tokyo: Kabukicho. Now, there are plenty of legends about Kabukicho, and I won’t go over them, but if you’re looking for fun and entertainment, this is the place to visit. And since you are there why not making your experience even more memorable by staying at such a beautiful and luxurious hotel?


Since you are warming up, let me get to the details. Yes, the rooms are big, especially the 802 is absolutely enormous, and that is very unusual for a hotel located in such a crowded area as Shinjuku is, where most of the accommodations are extremely tiny. My room had three different areas: the bedroom/living room area, the bathroom/sauna, and the outdoor space. This is definitely not the typical room layout you find in most love hotels out there, and the interior design of the Pasha is quite peculiar as well. As the name suggests, the Pasha has this somewhat oriental style with a classic Arabian nights vibe which translates in to beautiful walls decorated with mother of pearl tiles, shiny ornaments, and a great deal of attention to details.

The room 802 is not just beautiful, but very comfortable with great facilities too. The television, for example, is huge and the surround system with speakers set into the walls is just too great to pass. The TV is connected with a multimedia system which lets you manage a various number of things with the remote control such as the free of charge video-on-demand, the room service, and the karaoke. I know most of you are only used to sing in the shower, but trust me, having your own karaoke in the living room can turn even the most boring evening of your life into something fun. And don’t worry, the room is soundproofed so nobody will be bothered by your somewhat debatable version of “Yesterday” from the Beatles best hits.


If you made it this far through the article, you may still be wondering what is special about this room. Let me just say that you have your own private sauna. Let me go as far as to say that, in fact, you have two different types of sauna in your room! “Care to elaborate?” you may ask.
Well, there is not really much to say, I mean, everybody knows what a sauna is, but in this case you have two different rooms, one for what the Japanese call a “dry sauna,” which is nothing else than the sauna we already know in the West, and the other one for the “stone sauna” which is something a bit different and unique. The stone sauna is basically a place where you can lay down over a stone surface, which seems to be made of granite, and the whole thing is heated. The heat fills the room and then you start sweating all over the place, and then… well you know how it goes. The stone sauna can only be used by one person at a time, whereas the dry sauna can accommodate two persons. This is starting to become interesting, isn’t it?

The last area to cover is the outdoor space. Here you can find an open-air gigantic Jacuzzi (3 persons can easily fit in) and there is an on-wall TV. It’s basically the fifth essence of luxury. I sat in there for a couple of hours watching my favorite movie and drinking champagne at the same time. Just an ordinary day here at the Pasha, mind you guys! Oh and by the way, there is even a small garden outside with two chairs and a table you can use to have breakfast. And just in case you forgot, all of these facilities are just inside your room.


So, to sum things up, the Pasha is arguably the most sophisticated love hotel I have ever been to and it definitely lives up to its name. Is it perfect? That’s hard to say. The bed could be bigger, the lack of English instructions doesn’t make it very user friendly for tourists, and the price is a bit steep. But overall it is a very good choice especially for those planning to stay in Tokyo for a short period. Be aware, though, this is a very popular hotel and it is often fully booked so making a reservation in advance makes life easier. And if you are lucky enough to find a vacant room, well… enjoy your stay at the Pasha!




Riccardo is an Italian weirdo who has been living in Asia for the past 10 years. He speaks several languages and sometimes he doesn’t even remember where he came from. He likes ice cream, pizza, and Quentin Tarantino. Say "Hi" if you meet him around Tokyo, though he probably won't say hello back to you.

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