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Hotel Roppongi, Tokyo

Classic Style in the Heart of the City at Roppongi Hotel

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Roppongi is an area in central Tokyo that is famous for its large foreign population, night life, and its high-end shopping and real-estate. This bustling urban town, with its strange blend of clubs and boutiques, also boasts an interesting history.

Roppongi’s status as an entertainment district goes back as far as the late 1800s when the Japanese Army held an important base in the area. After World War II the United States built several installations around Roppongi, and a new group of bars, pool-halls, and more where opened to cater to the foreign population. A number of foreign embassies also made their home here. In the 1960s many discos opened in the town and it became the place for Japanese and foreign residents to mingle.

In the early 2000s Roppongi was able to put itself on the map as a desirable location for those who love the finer things. Projects like the Roppongi Hills high-rises and the Tokyo Midtown shopping and office complexes have given Roppongi a cleaner and more desirable image. However, at nighttime the party-people still come out to play.

Roppongi is a perfect blend of new and old Tokyo. There are polished and pretty buildings with amazing architecture all around. The huge Roppongi Hills complex is a marvel of modern construction and the perfect playground for the shopaholic. Tokyo Midtown, too, offers great dining and breathtaking buildings.


Though these newer constructions offer much glitz and glamour, Roppongi still has preserved much of its old-city vibe. There are interesting and mismatched homes and stores all over, as well as streets and alleys that would look at home in a 1950s scrapbook of city scenes. Neon shop signs, narrow paths, power-lines, and distinctly Japanese bars and restaurants all contribute to the old Tokyo feel that many travelers search for. Here in this town of new and old, directly in the shadow of Roppongi Hills, is the Roppongi Hotel.


The Roppongi Hotel is right off the main drag, down a quiet street which adds to it secluded feel. Inside an unassuming red brick building you’ll find a handsome hotel lobby with a classic vibe. At first impression the hotel is elegant and European, with a laid back and welcoming feel. A glowing panel on the wall offers a number of rooms to choose from, all of which are designed to be little escapes from the busy and bright world of Roppongi.

In each room you’ll find all the comforts you might need. If your stay is unscheduled then you’ll be happy to find toothbrushes, shaving kits, makeup remover, mouthwash and more are provided. Other amenities, such as massage lotions, bath salts, and skin lotions will allow any guest to pamper themselves. Weary travelers will find that the jacuzzi baths in each shower room will help to melt away fatigue.

Each room is designed to be a pocket retreat from the real world and a secret relaxing space for adults. The hundreds of little details in the each room add up to an intangibly pleasant feeling. Normally overlooked things, such as curtains, detail work on the walls, framed pictures, cabinet handles, and decorative windows, make the guest feel as if they really are in another world even if they don’t quite know why. Here’s what a few of the rooms had to offer:

Room 401 is a delightful blend of Western and Japanese. A tatami mat complete with a low table and legless chairs allow a guest to relax in a more traditional way. Sliding paper doors reveal a Japanese garden to gaze upon and contemplate life while sipping down a complimentary tea. If you need to take the edge off the mini-fridge features a combini-box—A sort of pay as you go mini-bar—with a variety of soft drink and alcoholic beverage choices. A large comfy bed is steps away from this Japanese-style lounge area. At the head of the bed, in addition to fluffy pillows, you’ll find a control console with choices for mood lighting and a variety of music stations to set the mood for the room.


Room 303 is a beautiful room that could be at home in a Rococo painting. An elaborate covered bed sits in the corner which offers a romantic retreat. Here you can cocoon yourself in blankets while being surrounded by beautiful curtains beneath a decorative canopy. The room is full of handsome ornaments and classy touches. Be it the walls, the bathroom tiles, or even the mirrors, there is no end to the charming details.


Roppongi is a unique city with a variety of flavors. Within this urban playground Hotel Roppongi offers an escape. Quietly it beckons you to enjoy yourself and forget the worries of the outside world. The understated elegance of this hotel is its main draw. If you are looking for a place where you can feel like an adult, and feel classically romantic, then look no further.


Eric S. Tessier

Eric S. Tessier

Eric is a coffee enthusiast stranded in Tokyo. He enjoys wandering around the city aimlessly and discovering interesting places that lie off the beaten path. When he isn’t walking or drinking coffee he enjoys writing as well as binge watching streaming videos.

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