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The rates at love hotels vary significantly depending on the room size, room amenities, and length of stay. Rates on weekends are generally higher than on weekdays. Also, the rates are usually per room and not per person.
Type of stay
Love hotels in Japan employ a more flexible system than business hotels. Biggest different will be 'Rest' or 'Stay' charges. They generally offer low-priced short stays "rests," kind of hourly charged basis, and higher-priced on overnight stays.
Usually customers must be 18 or older at most love hotels in Japan, because the rooms often contain adult-only content. However, some hotels have no age restrictions and they can be freely used by families as well (although most love hotels don't have rooms with more than one bed).
Most love hotels have no gender restrictions, but some may prohibit same-sex couples from checking in.
User friendly
Most love hotels are striving to employ automated systems such as digital touch panels to select rooms and automatic payment terminals that minimize or eliminate interaction between customers and staff to help protect the privacy of the guests.
The number of people allowed in each room varies by love hotel. Most of them are exclusively for couples, while others welcome families, too.
Most love hotels allow customers to leave their room and reenter later (if they have paid for the room in advance, specified leaving and reentry times, etc.), but a number of hotels still don't allow this. Note that in most cases you will be required to call the front desk before going out.
Both cash and Japanese credit cards are widely accepted at most love hotels, but credit cards issued by overseas companies cannot be used at most love hotels yet. For this reason, bringing cash is highly recommended in order to avoid complications. In many cases, cash payment can be made via an automated machine in the room or main lobby.
Check-in procedures are smoother and quicker at love hotels than other types of accommodations because most of them have automated machines. Procedures may vary depending on the type of stay, and be aware that most love hotels require payment in advance.
Customers should check out when they leave the room, kindly informed front desk if you like to leave and return again else they will treat you as a normal check out. Extra payment may be required for checking out late.
Bath types
Spacious, luxurious bathtubs are among the most sought-after features of Japanese love hotels. Some establishments offer a choice of different types of baths, including popular onsen (hot spring) style baths.



Q. Why should I choose a love hotel over a business hotel?
A. Love hotels are often fancier, cleaner, and cheaper than business hotels, making them a great choice for people seeking temporary accommodations and a great experience.
Q. What’s the difference between love hotels and business hotels?
A. Love hotels are generally designed for couples who want to spend some quality time together. Unlike business hotels and city hotels, love hotels are often used as places to party and have fun. They offer a wide range of features (karaoke, Jacuzzis, room themes, etc.) that are not available in business hotels. They also allow hourly stays and provide the freedom to decide when to check in and out.
Q. Business hotels are usually ranked by stars, making them easy to judge. Is there a similar system for love hotels, too?
A. There are no official rankings for love hotels, but they offer much higher quality than business hotels in the same price range.
Q. Where are love hotels usually located? Are they difficult to find?
A. Love hotels are usually located near major stations and are very easy to find.
Q. I have never been to a love hotel and I’m worried about cleanliness and safety. Are they like American motels?
A. Love hotels in Japan are not at all like American motels. They offer high-class accommodations that are often cleaner and more luxurious than what you find at business hotels. Each room is rigorously cleaned several times a day. Love hotels are also extremely safe, just like business hotels in Japan.
Q. What kinds of rooms can I usually find at love hotels? How many people are allowed per room?
A. Most rooms are double rooms with double beds. Some love hotels allow three or four people per room, but this is uncommon.
Q. Is it possible to leave the hotel and reenter?
A. Most love hotels allow customers to leave their room and reenter later (if they have paid for the room in advance, specifying leaving and reentry times, etc.), but a number of hotels still don't allow this.
Q. What are the minimum age requirements?
A. Usually customers must be 18 or older at most love hotels in Japan, because the rooms often contain adult-only content. However, some hotels have no age restrictions and they can be freely used by families as well.
Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Usually pets are not allowed.


Q. Is it possible to stay at a love hotel for more than one day?
A. Generally speaking, love hotels are places that are used for one-night stays. In the case of a multi-night stay for walk-in guest, you may be required to check out every morning and check in again during the afternoon or evening of the same day. Some hotels may offer the luggage storage in the meantime.
Q. Is around-the-clock check-in possible?
A. Check-in is possible around the clock. However, the type of stay and the room rates will change based on the check-in time.
Q. Are reservations possible or required?
A. Reservations are possible for some love hotel although they are not mandatory, it might be hard to find a room on the weekend or holiday period without a reservation in advance.
Q. What does the check-in fee include?
A. Generally, it includes all the amenities and features available in the room, such as VOD, karaoke and so on. Some hotels also provide complimentary breakfast services.
Q. Are meals included?
A. Meals are usually charged separately. Some love hotels may only offer delivery food or have no room service at all.
Q. Do theme rooms cost more?
A. No, the prices vary based on the size and features of the room.


Q. Are there taxes or additional charges?
A. Room rates usually include taxes, whereas food or additional order might be displayed without including taxes. In the case of late check-out or early check in, you may be charged for the additional time.
Q. Can I pay for the room in cash?
A. Yes. All love hotels accept local cash notes. However, foreign currencies such as US dollar and other currency are not accepted.
Q. Can I pay with foreign issued credit cards?
A. Some love hotel accepts overseas credit card but still not common. Therefore, bringing cash is highly recommended.
Q. Do we have to wait for staff to check the room before checking out?
A. No. When you check out, you can either call the front desk and proceed to the lobby, or check out by yourself in your own room when an automated machine is available.
Q. Can the hotels arrange a taxi for me before I check out?
A. Yes, but you should be aware that most love hotel staff don't speak English.

Services and amenities

Q. What kinds of amenities are usually available at love hotels?
A. Love hotels offer various amenities that vary from hotel to hotel. Rooms often provide free karaoke, English movie viewing, video games, and massage chairs, which makes a love hotel a great choice for spending a few hours of fun with friends.
Q. Are WiFi or wired internet connections provided?
A. This depends on the hotel. Please check the hotel profile page in the search results to see which features are provided.
Q. Are non-smoking rooms available?
A. Some love hotels have non-smoking rooms available, however there may be limited number.
Q. Are towels and other bathroom amenities provided?
A. Yes. Cosmetics, towels, amenities (such as shampoo, body soap, toothbrushes, etc.) and other accessories are often provided for free.
Q. Are refrigerators provided?
A. This depends on the hotel. Most hotels are equipped with refrigerators, and some hotels even have a mini convenience refrigerator with drinks and other goods for sale, once removed will be charged additionally to your bill.
Q. Do love hotels have room service?
A. Yes, most love hotels have room service. However, there is some love hotel only provides delivery food or no room service at all.
Q. Do love hotels have restaurants?
A. No they don't, but they often have room service. Also, most love hotels are located in central areas at walking distance from all kinds of restaurants.

Online Reservation

Q. Online reservation only for member? Is it free?
A. Yes, only Loveinn japan member are able to reserve online in advance. Kindly register your simple personal information in less than 2 minutes and it is totally free.
Q. Can I reserve my stay in advance?
A. Yes. Up to 180 days or at least 1 day ahead (Japan Local Time) can reserve online, but this varies depending on the hotel and the promotion they offer.
Q. Can I change my reservation date after?
A. Yes. As long as you have not exceeded the free cancellation deadline of the cancellation policy, you will not be charged when you modify your reservation by yourself from "My Page".
Q. Can I reserve for someone else?
A. It is possible, as long as you can provide his/her personal information. Please be aware that this site only allows adults that over 18 years old to use our services and minors are not allowed. While reserve, you need to pay directly by credit card in order to complete.
Q. Where can I check the cancellation policy?
A. The Terms and Conditions on the top page or the Cancellation Policy on your reservation details page can be referred. Reservation terms and cancellation policies will vary depending on the hotel, promotion, room type and so on. Kindly read carefully before you reserve.
Q. Can I reserve more than 1 hotel ?
A. Yes. As long as you do not repeat the arrival date, you can book a number of hotels. But on same arrival date, you are only able to reserve 1 room.
Q. Why I can’t find any available Hotel?
A. Sorry, currently not all of our love hotels open for online reservation. And depending on the conditions or the destination you entered, the results may be different. So, we suggest that you can change the different requirement and then try to search again.
Q. Do I need to pay directly while reserve?
A. Yes. You need to pay by credit card. We only accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Diners at this moment.