Japanese Style Love Hotel Rooms

By Andrew Smith on 18 Jul 2017

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Japan is such a unique and beautiful country the experiences had here simply can’t be found anywhere else in the world. There is so much to do and see that it is impossible to take in all the sights and sounds in one short holiday, so it is best to use your time wisely while you are here. Usually going back to the hotel means putting the adventure on hold for the night. Most hotels in the city are tiny and bland, especially if you are on a budget, with uninspiring views and atmosphere. Why retreat to back to a western style hotel when you can easily continue exploring the fun, exotic culture of Japan from the comfort of an affordable love hotel. There are plenty of love hotels around Tokyo that offer beautiful Japanese style rooms designed with tatami mats, sliding doors, traditional Japanese art, and more. Within the busy, chaotic Japanese metropolis, it can be difficult to find a place to really relax. Traditional Japanese rooms however encourage peace and relaxation through their minimalist and clean design. Tatami mats and sliding wood doors showcase the natural beauty Japanese style room designs use to create a calm and open atmosphere. Staying at a real, old, traditional Japanese ryokan can be difficult to manage and may be at times extremely inconvenient. These following love hotels offer great examples of traditional Japanese rooms mixed with modern conveniences and entertainment to keep your vacation unique and exciting even after you’ve called it a day.


Hotel Perrier

Finally, at the end of this list is Hotel Perrier, located in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo. In addition to being right in the middle of all the action, Hotel Perrier offers top service and beautifully crafted rooms with too many conveniences and amenities to count. It is certainly the easiest hotel to spot on this list, not only because of its location but for its striking exterior design too. Hotel Perrier spares no expense in providing its guests with the best possible mix of traditional and modern Japanese style rooms, complete with tatami mats, sliding doors, beautiful wood panels, and everything else you imagine from an old Japanese home. Like any other high-end love hotel, each room is equipped with many tools for entertainment, and a luxurious bath. There are also other incredible room designs available if you feel you have experienced enough of Japan during the day and just want to enjoy a comfortable stay in a huge, carefully designed hotel room. Though it is the priciest option here, given the location and the quality of the stay, it is still a fantastic deal. Overnight stays start from 11,660 yen and go up to 18,140.


Hotel SunSweet

This fun hotel in Tokyo’s neighboring prefecture Saitama rocks a retro exterior design on the outside to catch the eye and attract guests. However, despite its flashy, eye-popping outer shell, Hotel SunSweet offer a magnificent Japanese style room for guests looking for an authentic and unforgettable Japanese experience at a reasonable price. Rates for overnight stay start at just 5,980 yen and can go up to 13,600 yen. Their Japanese style room welcomes guests with a warm glow and an open interior. This room balances tradition with modern love hotel rooms. Although it may not have tatami mats, it does a great job infusing the Japanese aesthetic into the room with traditional Japanese inspired decorations and architecture. If you suddenly decide that you have had enough of Japan for the day, they also have a number of amusing themed rooms available, like a McDonald’s room, a rustic western room, and a disco room along with other simple, beautifully designed rooms.

Hotel Natura

Another hotel in the peaceful Saitama area is Hotel Natura. As the name suggests, the rooms here at this hotel focus on nature and its beauty. Though the designs are very slick and modern, they never lose the respect for nature that traditional Japanese style rooms hold. Many rooms are filled with stunning paintings and artwork inspired by traditional Japanese works which do a fantastic job of easing the beauty of tradition in a modern room. Prices range from 7,900 yen to 11,000 yen for overnight stays. If you are looking for a room with a more modern twist on Japanese style rooms, Hotel Natura is a great place to check. While enjoying a taste of traditional Japanese culture, you can experience the modern technology Japan is also known for with the most advanced, high-tech bathrooms in the region. They even offer free breakfast for hungry guests in the morning.


Restay Laguna

Restay Laguna, located in Chiba, is the most affordable hotel of this list. If you love a good ocean breeze and quiet, relaxing views while enjoying traditional Japanese style vacation, Restay Laguna has the perfect room waiting for you. As it is the very affordable, Restay Laguna focuses on the traditional Japanese room’s minimalist approach to design. Rather than flashy art, Restay Laguna aims to satisfy its guests with convenience and location. Though its rooms choose a more modern approach to design with no tatami mats or other typical stereotypical decor, it is still distinctly Japanese. With prices starting at only 3,100 yen for an overnight stay, it is difficult to beat, and the sights around the hotel really sweeten the deal.



Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew is an American writer living in Tokyo, Japan. He often finds himself wandering home from a livehouse after missing the last train. As an outdoors enthusiast, musician, traveler and editor, he stays pretty busy, but he is still always looking for new things to try. The only thing more unorganised than his schedule is his room.

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