Accommodation Issue for 2020 Olympic

By Andrew Smith on 15 May 2017

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With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, the city is racing to accommodate all of its expected visitors for the games. Despite their efforts to build more hotels in areas in close proximity to the stadiums, experts are still anxious that Japan will not have enough rooms for the 40 million foreign tourists they are hoping will arrive for the event to see the sports. The government is even considering taking action and using some of the over 10,000 love hotels across the country to alleviate the problem Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics is facing related to available rooms.

Why Choose a Love Hotel?



Travelling to Japan to see the 2020 Olympics is already going to set you back quite a bit even before accounting for hotel fees. The opening ceremony will cost from 25,000 yen to 150,000 yen. As the demand for accommodations increases, so will the rates for the limited rooms at regular hotels. Lodging at a love hotel is not only and exciting way to experience Japan, it saves money and allows you to spend your hard-earned cash on more fun activities and event tickets for the Olympic Games during your stay in Japan.



Although you may pay premium prices for regular hotels around Tokyo, the lackluster rooms will leave a lot to be desired. Typical hotels around the city have enough room for a bed, small TV, unit bath and other basics, but everything is so packed in tightly that it’s difficult to really relax. After fighting hoards of tourists in the city on top of the highly concentrated Tokyo native population, it would be nice to find a place where you can really stretch your legs. Not only do love hotels usually offer ample space for their guests, the atmosphere and amenities will have you feeling like royalty even while keeping with your budget. In between events, you can even watch your favorite sports and recaps on a large HD television provided by the love hotel.

Closer to the Action

Thanks to the over 10,000 flashy love hotels now currently operating in Japan, you can’t walk too far without passing by one. This means that you can stay right in the heart of the city, closer to the action. As rooms fill up and prices soar, it’s likely that you will end up having to settle far outside the city. Spending hours packed into a crowded train in the mornings is not exactly the Tokyo experience you are hoping for, I’m sure. To avoid that kind of unfortunate situation, it would be much more convenient to set up at a love hotel right in the city which provides easy access to anything you want to see or do.

Sense of Adventure

When travelling in a foreign country, you expect to feel far from home. The memories and feeling of adventure is the most important souvenir for excited travelers in a new world. Most regular hotels in Tokyo are indistinguishable from hotels you would find in the west, except they happen to be much smaller. Love hotels, however, offer an extraordinary variety of themes and environments for guests to enjoy during their stay. It’s like a dream within a fantasy. You can travel around and explore Japan during the day, and when you get back to your accommodations at night, you can continue the adventure in a completely different world. Every night you can experience something new in one of Japan’s multiple unique love hotels.


Things to Remember

In general, love hotels are a great place to stay, but for the upcoming Olympic Games their benefits have an even greater chance to shine. Travelers planning on staying at love hotels for the event should pack lightly so it is easier to move around, as most love hotels only allow one night of stay. Additionally, although some love hotels these days are reaching out to foreigners and providing advanced booking through certain websites, most love hotels still only allow check-in that same night without a reservation. Nowadays, many love hotels come equipped with a multi-language touch screen with makes it easy for foreign travelers to find the right room and check in.


Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew is an American writer living in Tokyo, Japan. He often finds himself wandering home from a livehouse after missing the last train. As an outdoors enthusiast, musician, traveler and editor, he stays pretty busy, but he is still always looking for new things to try. The only thing more unorganised than his schedule is his room.

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