6 Bizarre Rooms You Must See!

By Riccardo on 20 Feb 2017

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Following the great success of this article, I’m here again to introduce you 6 more bizarre rooms that can be found at love hotels in Japan.


Before I start with the list, let me remind you a couple of things regarding love hotels though:


  • Love hotels are still in a transitional phase in terms of communicating with non-Japanese speakers. This means that, at the time I’m writing this, there are just a handful of love hotels that offer selectable languages other than Japanese on their room selection panels and payment machines, and there you won’t likely find English speaking staff at all. If you don’t speak a bit of Japanese, you might be turned down when you try to check in. Our website is developing a reservation system which should make things easier, just register and we’ll inform you as soon as it goes live.
  • Love hotels are not your regular business/city hotel, they might have different types of systems, such as for example automated doors that you can’t unlock until checking out, or very late check-in times. Read our Guidelines and How-to sections to find out more.
  • You can just walk-in without a reservation in any love hotel. In fact most love hotels are not taking reservations at all. Again, you might be refused to enter if you don’t speak Japanese.


And now let’s get started with the list of bizarre love hotel rooms!


  • The Renaissance Room


This room looks very elegant and would definitely appeal to those of you who like the classic style typical of the old Europe. For everyone else, you still have naked women painted on the walls so it should work for you as well. Jokes aside, this is the Hotel R, located in Fukuoka, and the room is the number 501. You can head and check more rooms at the hotel profile on our website HERE. Hotel R offers other interesting and bizarre rooms too such as, for example, Japanese traditional rooms and Western themed rooms.


  • The Manhattan Room


As the name suggests, this room’s theme is Manhattan. Whether it does a good job or not at recreating that atmosphere I’ll leave it to you, but you can’t deny that this room looks pretty cool. Not only it features a slot machine and fleshy walls, you can also sleep in a Mercedes Benz. How cool is that?

By the way this is the room 215 of Hotel XO which unfortunately, at the time I’m writing this, is not listed on our website yet.


  • The Kiss Room


The theme of this room is the Kiss and nope, I’m not talking about kissing people. This is about the super famous hard rock band called “Kiss”. If you’re not a big fan of them (or maybe not old enough to know them), no worries, this hotel offers other famous musicians themed rooms as well, such as the John Lennon and the Bob Marley rooms.

This is the Hotel Yume (which means “dream” in Japanese) located in the prefecture of Kagawa, and it’s not listed on our website (yet!). The most interesting feature of this hotel is that each floor is themed around a different concept. As I stated before, the third floor is about musicians, whereas the fifth and fourth floors are respectively about movies and Japanese culture.


  • The Boat Room


Another bizarre room you might be interested in is the boat room. As the name suggests it features a wooden boat you can sleep on. The design of this room is very simple, just like all the rooms of Hotel Chou, which is located in Osaka. You can find more information about this hotel on its profile page HERE. If you’re planning a trip to Osaka any time soon, you should definitely consider this hotel as an option, as it offers some of the most reasonable room rates I’ve seen so far ($50 for a room per night).


  • The Interrogation Room


We’re stepping a bit into the kinky zone here. At first sight this room looks pretty normal if you ignore the additional red lighted jail room. I’m not here to give you instructions on how to use this room, but what I can tell you is that it’s equipped with an SM chair you can use to do all the kinky stuff you want to your partner. Or maybe you’re the one who will sit on that chair? I don’t wanna know.

Anyway, this is the Hotel Rose, located in Fukuoka.


  • The Doctor Room


Raise your hand if you’ve never played the doctor game. For those of you interested in making that game a little bit more realistic, then this is the room for you! Not only it is equipped with the reclining chair typical of gynaecologist clinics, you can also put on the white jacket and act just like a real doctor. Now all you need is finding a partner willing to be your patient… Good luck with that!

For your information this is the Hotel Heart, in Okayama, and you can visit its profile page HERE.


This is all for this time folks, but I promise I will be back asap with an even cooler list of rooms. Stay tuned!




Riccardo is an Italian weirdo who has been living in Asia for the past 10 years. He speaks several languages and sometimes he doesn’t even remember where he came from. He likes ice cream, pizza, and Quentin Tarantino. Say "Hi" if you meet him around Tokyo, though he probably won't say hello back to you.

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