Take a Vacation From Your Vacation at Water Hotel Plus

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Water Hotel Plus is a premium love hotel located in Chiba, Tokyo’s less-popular and less-known neighbor (at least among foreign populations). The name reflects the theme of the hotel: Water. This relaxing nautical atmosphere permeates the rooms and the common areas of the hotel. True, this hotel is a bit off the beaten path, but if you are venturing east of Tokyo and looking for extraordinary hospitality this hotel is the place to stay.


There are a few reasons you might find yourself in Chiba and looking for a nice room for the night. The most practical reason to stay would be: You are heading to Narita Airport and want to be closer for an early morning flight (but you still want to squeeze a little vacation out of your trip). If that’s the case, Water Hotel Plus is located almost directly in the middle of Tokyo and Narita. The nearest train station, Katsudai Station, is a 15 minute walk from the hotel and the train ride from Katsudai Station to Narita only takes 30 minutes and costs less than 500 Yen.

Another reason to head to Chiba is sightseeing. Chiba is a city by the sea and boasts the world’s longest suspended monorail, Japan’s first artificial beach, a number of world-class museums, shrines, a castle, and even a red panda famous for standing upright. If the red panda doesn’t get you running to Chiba, I don’t know what will.

The most convincing reason to stay at Water Hotel Plus, however, might be the hotel itself. The rooms are beautiful and the atmosphere is unbeatable. Japan promises a lot to the foreign traveler: Amazing food, fascinating culture, futuristic cities, and a rich history to name a few. Affordable luxury hotels, however, aren’t one of the things a traveler expects from this beautiful country. Water Hotel Plus is an exception.


Though the area around Water Hotel Plus isn’t much to speak of, the hotel itself is a different story. Once inside you are greeted by a bright and open foyer. A reflecting pool is built right into the floor and a round aquarium full of exotic fish sits in a round column in the center of the lobby.  A staircase stretching over the reflecting pool leads to the second floor waiting room and restaurant.

Love hotels commonly have waiting areas, but it is uncommon to encounter one as ornate and interesting as this (picture below). Several large and high-backed sofas are arranged around the room, each curved into a cocoon of privacy. A wooden path leads to the sofas, and the seats themselves are placed upon a man-made coral beach. A restaurant stand in the same room offers a variety of drinks and snacks to enjoy if you find yourself waiting in this fascinating room.


Several different levels of rooms are available ranging from economy to luxury (The higher the floor, the more elaborate the room). The economy rooms have less space than higher level rooms, but still are clean, comfortable, and beautifully designed. Each room, regardless of level, is fully stocked with amenities and features a full jacuzzi bath complete with TV. Between the economy level rooms and the highest tier rooms there are several options, all of which can be explored digitally on the room selection board in the lobby.

The room service offers a great number of choices, featuring everything from mixed drinks to curries. One of Water Hotel Plus’s points of pride is the dining menu, which they prepare from scratch on the premises. Unlike many western hotels, the room service prices are very reasonable.

If you are looking to spoil yourself the rooms on the top floors are substantial both in size and style. These luxury rooms have open floor plans, large comfy beds, deep sofas, big screen TVs, and even private decks. Out on the decks a pair of lounge chairs that look out over a personal reflecting pool beckon. It’s a great spot to enjoy a drink with your sweetheart before retreating inside to relax in your jacuzzi bath. If you need a break from the jacuzzi, retiring onto the couch to watch one of the many complimentary on demand movies available digitally is a great option.


If you visit Tokyo via Narita Airport, then you will end up passing through Chiba. It’s worth considering recharging your batteries before or after a long flight at this romantic get away. It’s not so far from the bustling city streets of Tokyo or from the international airport. However, it does feel thousands of miles away.


Eric S. Tessier

Eric S. Tessier

Eric is a coffee enthusiast stranded in Tokyo. He enjoys wandering around the city aimlessly and discovering interesting places that lie off the beaten path. When he isn’t walking or drinking coffee he enjoys writing as well as binge watching streaming videos.

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