6 Quirky Rooms You MUST See!

By Riccardo on 1 Aug 2016

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The Airplane room:


This is probably the most comfortable airplane you will ever sleep on. Jokes aside, it is quite common to find unconventional beds in love hotels, but this is probably the only room with a bed that looks like an airplane. For those of you scared of flying: don’t worry, this airplane is not going anywhere! Besides, this room is pretty colorful with lots of mirrors so you won’t get bored easily.


The Classroom:


Who do you want to be today, the teacher or the student? If you have been a student for too long, then you might want to give the teacher a shot, you never know you’ll understand why they have been so harsh on you for the past decade! The classroom is the perfect place for those couples who like to do cosplay, which adds a lot of fun to your stay at love hotels. The classroom is a very rare type of room you can only find in a handful of places.


The Cage:


If the first reaction you had looking at this picture was something along the lines of “WTH,” don’t worry, that’s very normal. Believe it or not, there are people who like to sleep in a cage. Just like there are people who like to practice S&M. If you’re one of them (hey, I’m not judging you!) then you’re golden, since this room is equipped with all the tools you need to “enjoy” a pretty intense night! For the less adventurous ones, you’re probably better off choosing another type of room.


The Golf Room:


OK let’s say you’re a golf enthusiast. Let’s also say that your partner doesn’t really mind hearing you swinging a club at 2am. Then what are you waiting for? This is definitely the room for you! Whether you’ll play golf while watching the TV in the living room or when being half naked around the outdoor bath, the result is the same: you can play golf wherever you want to!


The Pinball Room:


Honestly I didn’t know how to call this room. It’s just beyond human comprehension. It’s very shiny, lots of mirrors and lights, at first sight it looks as if you’re trapped in a big pinball without the balls (pun intended). If you’re the type who gets bored easily, then this is the room you’re looking for. If you’re a narcissist, then this is the room for you as well. If you prefer to relax though, you might try and find something else!


The “Watch Me Naked” Room:


This room is less striking than what you’ve seen in this article, and it looks apparently normal. The thing is, though, that the bathroom is completely visible from the main room as the walls are made of glass. This means that you can see whatever your sweetheart is doing on the other side, while you’re sitting on the sofa watching TV. If you’re planning to stay there though, I suggest you choose a partner who’s not too shy!




Riccardo is an Italian weirdo who has been living in Asia for the past 10 years. He speaks several languages and sometimes he doesn’t even remember where he came from. He likes ice cream, pizza, and Quentin Tarantino. Say "Hi" if you meet him around Tokyo, though he probably won't say hello back to you.

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